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This was only our second visit to Disney’s Coral Reef -the first being some 25 years ago while visiting with children in tow, at which time we were seated right next to the huge aquarium. This time, adults only and positioned at the back of…the restaurant, three tiers up from the aquarium. We had reservations for 7:05 and were seated in a timely fashion at 7:10. Unfortunately, the magic I remembered from my previous visit was gone. The restaurant looked tired and a bit shabby in appearance. We found the restrooms unkempt and not as clean as we normally see at Disney. The check in was cumbersome and the process confusing-we weren’t really sure we were checked in. I really dislike the electronic menus requiring me to open the menu on my phone! The food, I will say, was very good. Two of our party enjoyed the salmon and I found the mushroom cioppino, one of the many vegetarian options, quite delicious, albeit spicy. The bread basket was a disappointing and pedestrian soft white bread without much interest. Dessert was very good, a thumbs up to the spiked chocolate mousse dessert. Our after dinner coffees were served luke warm-we were told the coffee machine was not working properly. The server made a second, slightly warmer cup, but never offered to remove the charges for the $5 cappuccino and latte. The most disappointing aspect of the evening was the overwhelming din! It was unbelievably loud in the restaurant. Perhaps I have just gotten older, perhaps I should have made my reservation an hour later but the noise level was quite off putting. We did observe that by the time we were leaving, around 8pm it was settling down.