Corporate Flight Attendant Training | Aircare International

Flight attendants have a variety of options for Aircare FACTS Training. We offer onsite training through Aircare FACTS on top of Aircare's multiple fixed-base training facilities and over 300 scheduled courses in the U.S. and Europe. With Aircare's Onsite Emergency Procedures Training (EPT), you have access to Aircare's entire FACTS Training program on-site, providing a unique and highly effective training experience that builds stronger crew cohesion and enhances CRM. It saves time and alleviates operational burden.

Flight attendants will benefit from Aircare FACTS Training's comprehensive emergency procedure safety flight training. In addition to online coursework, students will participate in classroom presentations, receive a digital manual, and use their hands to gain practical skills. Business aviation employers consider Aircare FACTS Flight Attendant Training to be a benchmark for emergency training that is recognized worldwide.

We have a corporate flight attendant instructor corps with more than 170 years of experience, a full-motion simulator, high-altitude trainer, full-size live fire trainer, underwater dunking, as well as other emergency and safety equipment.