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What is ATOM

ATOM is the native asset of Cosmos, a decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain network with the goal of creating an “Internet of Blockchains” by connecting many independent distributed ledgers. Cosmos Hub, also referred to as Cosmos Network, functions as a set of independent blockchains referred to as zones. The Cosmos Software Developer Kit (SDK) allows developers to build their own interconnected blockchain and communicate, share data, and transact using Byzantine fault tolerance mechanisms on Tendermint consensus protocol and the IBC or Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. Blockchain networks Terra and Binance Chain were created using Cosmos SDK. ATOM token holders can stake ATOM to earn ATOM rewards for powering the Cosmos ecosystem. ATOM is also used for on-chain governance, and can be staked by zone validators to join hubs. ATOM is used to pay gas fees for transactions on Cosmos Hub similar to Ethereum.