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Cote is basically Korean BBQ, turbocharged. Each element of the dining experience at this Flatiron spot is taken up a notch – it begins with the high-end steakhouse-quality meat, but extends to the fancy grills, the smooth marble tables, and the sharply- dressed servers.

You’re welcome to order however you want here, but most people will go for the $64 per person prix fixe option, which gets you four different kinds of top quality prime beef, plus several banchan sides, a savory egg soufflé, two different stews, and a little cup of soft serve to finish off. You can also add on a few other appetizers like steak tartare or larger accompaniments like bibimbop, but the Butcher’s Feast comes with more than enough food. The steak is truly excellent – rich, tender, buttery – to the extent that you’ll want to eat some of it on its own before wrapping it up in a lettuce leaf with one of the provided sauces.

Cote review imageCote review image

To go along with it, if you want to drink, Cote has some excellent options on the booze front. There’s a frozen rosé, as well as a bunch of excellent original cocktails. They have a pretty serious wine list too and a darker basement bar called Undercote.

Cote isn’t a replacement for the Koreatown BBQ spots that are great for rowdier, more affordable group gatherings – we’ll never stop going to those places. It’s simply a different concept, and one that you should keep in mind for your next special occasion dinner.

Cote review imageCote review image

Food Rundown

Butcher’s Feast

For $58, you get four kinds of very good steak – expect cuts like ribeye, marinated short rib, and hangar steak. You’ll also get a bunch of small banchan sides, an egg soufflé, and two types of stew. One tip: eat the soufflé before it overcooks in the hot stone pot.

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A solid bibimbap, but if you’re doing the Butcher’s Feast, with the soufflé and stews, you also don’t need it, especially if you’re a small group.

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Soft Serve

A fun add-on: the Butcher’s Feast comes with a little kid’s cup of soft serve.

Cote review imageCote review image


They’re really good here. Especially the frozen ones.

Cote review imageCote review image