Country Club of Miami – A Miami-Dade County golf course in Miami, Florida

August is National Golf Month!

Join us for EARLY TWILIGHT Rates starting at 11am Monday-Tues and Wednesday.

Please call for tee times. 305-829-8456


Greens Aerification will be August 1-2 West Closed and August 3-4 East Closed


Please plan your reservation with a minimum of 4 hours to complete 18 holes. Currently, the finish time at this facility is 7:30pm. Please bring your own drinking water as we have not returned coolers to the course as an added precaution.

Upon reopening, the Golf Courses of Miami-Dade County Parks including, Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne, Country Club of Miami, Greynolds Golf Course and Palmetto Golf Course will abide by special procedures. Please review our new policies before visiting any Golf Miami-Dade facility as we focus on the well-being and safety of all staff and visitors.

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