Planning Your Visit

Lemon Lake County Park

6322 W 133rd Ave
Crown Point, IN 46307

Main Park Office: 219-769-PARK
Disc Golf Programming 219-771-3472

Open Daily 7AM until 1/2 hr before sunset or when weather restrictions apply

Located Onsite at Lemon Lake County Park
Lake County Parks Information and Visitor's Center

Lemon Lake Flight Center Disc Golf Pro Shop and Concessions

Indiana State Disc Golf Museum (open to the public, no cost)

Flying Disc Exhibit (open to the public, no cost)

Operating Hours and Contact Information

Lemon Lake County Park is open every day from 7AM to 1/2 hour before sunset

The Visitor's Center and the Lemon Lake Flight Center are open daily from 10AM-6PM (Please call the pro shop for service in the event our doors are closed.).  The Flight Center is independently owned and operated and is located onsite at Lemon Lake County Park servicing park patrons and disc golfers, offering park and sport information, pro shop merchandise, hot and cold concessions, and park maps year round.

2017 Daily Parking Rates (parking only)

*Note there is no longer a disc golf pay to play fee at Lemon Lake

$5 per vehicle for Indiana residents

$8 per vehicle for out-of-state residents

Senior citizens over age 60 (Indiana residents only) – no fee Monday mornings

$20 per bus for Indiana residents, including mobile homes and fifteen-seat vehicles

$25 per bus for out-of-state residents, includes mobile homes and fifteen-seat vehicles

Lodging – Hotel, Travel and Camping

Situated along what many call the Crossroads of America, there are numerous interstates that make traveling by car to Northwest Indiana quick and easy.  For those traveling by plane, we are only 45 minutes to an hour from Chicago's two major airports. O'Hare International Airport at 10000 West O'Hare, Chicago, IL 60666 Phone:773-686-2200 and Midway International Airport 5700 South Cicero, Chicago, IL 60661 Phone: (773) 838-0600. 

There are many hotels located within 20 minutes of Lemon Lake County Park. For a list of all of the nearby hotels, check out this link!

For information regarding camping in the region, see the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority website at

For more information about Northwest Indiana see the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority website at:

2017/2018 Lemon Lake County Park
Park Rules and Regulations

Remember !!: County Park means County Police

Important information to help you enjoy your park experience

The following rules have been adopted to assure enjoyment of the park by you and your club. Help preserve the park's natural areas and that of its inhabitants.

______GATE FEE:  Gate fees are collected at Lemon Lake when a gatekeeper is on duty.  The Flight Center does not collect any fees nor receive any monies from Lake County Parks for disc golf or parking.  

______PARK HOURS:  The parks are open from 7AM until ½ hour before sunset.  Sunset varies throughout the year.  Disc Golfers are expected to observe and follow park hours of operation of 7AM until ½ hour before sunset.  There is NO DISC GOLF PERMITTED AFTER THE PARK CLOSES and NO NIGHT ROUNDS PERMITTED.  Vehicles left parked after sunset risk towing at the owner’s expense, park imposed fines and loss of golf privileges.


Note that course length changes periodically

WHITE COURSE  1 ½ to 2 hrs
Length 4719ft / Par 55


Length 5862ft / Par 59

BLUE COURSE 3 to 3 ½ hrs
Length 6600ft / Par 60

SILVER COURSE 3 to 3 ½ hrs
Length 6705ft / Par 61

GOLD COURSE 3 to 3 ½ hrs
Length 8816ft / Par 64

______TEE TIME AND SPEED OF PLAY:  Players are expected to maintain a proper pace of play. 

______SOLICITING:  Soliciting, peddling, collecting fees, fund-raising or the sale of any items, disc golf merchandise or food is not allowed on park property without an official permit.

Remember !!: County Park means County Police

______ALCOHOL:  Consumption of beer and wine (no kegs without special permit open to caterers) is limited to picnic areas with meals and is prohibited on disc golf courses, trails, roadways, parking lots, beaches, other aquatic areas, and open play areas.  Other alcohol is not permitted in the parks.  The park is for the enjoyment of all, so proper behavior must be observed.  The sale of beer is prohibited without a special permit from the Park Board and appropriate permits from the State of Indiana. 

______EQUIPMENT:  The moving, addition of, removal of or alteration of any disc golf basket is strictly prohibited.  Basket and park bench graffiti and the destruction of park equipment will result in the loss of golf privileges.  Recreational awnings, tents, generators or other additional equipment requires prior approval of the park department.

______DAMAGE:  Any damage caused by an individual disc golfer is the responsibility of that individual disc golfer.  Excessive damage could result in the loss of future disc golf privileges at Lemon Lake. 

______ETIQUETTE:  Due to the close proximity of shelters, picnic areas, and other disc golfers on the courses, amplified music, microphones, loudspeakers, starter pistols and musical instruments are not permitted.  Players are expected to use proper disc golf etiquette.  Excessive vulgarity or aggression towards park patrons, players, park employees, park representatives or shop owners will result in the loss of course privileges. 

______FIRES:  FIRES ON ANY DISC GOLF COURSE ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.  Fires are permitted only in established grills or privately owned grills. 

______VEHICLES:  For safety reasons, motorists are to observe speed limits as posted.  Vehicles are allowed only on roadways and in designated parking areas.  VEHICLES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY GRASSY AREAS OR BRICK WALKWAYS OR ON ANY DISC GOLF COURSE FAIRWAYS, WALKWAYS OR PATHWAYS LEADING TO FAIRWAYS ON THE DISC GOLF COURSES.

______ENVIRONMENTAL:  The modification of any disc golf course at Lemon Lake including the removal or moving of baskets is PROHIBITED.  The cutting or removal of grass, trees, bushes, flowers or any other living or non-living plant material to alter a fairway or course or for the purpose of using these natural materials for firewood or other purposes is prohibited.  Due to the environmental damage that can result from the use of certain chemicals in insecticides, no spraying or fogging is allowed.  The removal of artifacts is prohibited. The use of metal detectors is not permitted on LCPRD grounds.

______FIREWORKS:  Due to fire and other safety hazards, fireworks of any kind on park grounds are strictly forbidden.

______FIREARMS:  The use of firearms of any type is not permitted at Lemon Lake. 

______PROJECTILES:  Any projectile, archery, engine powered model airplanes, boats, and cars or drones are not allowed.  DISC GOLFERS SHOULD USE CAUTION WHEN THROWING DISCS ACROSS FAIRWAYS WATCHING FOR PARK PATRONS AND CHILDREN WALKING IN THESE AREAS!!

______WATER SAFETY and RESTRICTIONS:  Swimming and the use of water craft are not permitted at Lemon Lake.  Discs that can be seen and easily retrieve from shorelines may be retrieved.  Scavenging for lost discs or intentionally throwing or driving discs into any lake at the park is strictly prohibited.

______WILDLIFE:  Hunting (except in areas designated for such purposes) or trapping any wild bird or animal is prohibited.  Help preserve the park’s natural areas and that of its inhabitants.

______RECYCLING AND CLEAN UP:  Trash receptacles are placed throughout all disc golf courses when weather is favorable.  Your use of trash receptacles helps keep the environment clean.  Please lend a hand in keeping the park beautiful and ready for the next visitor. 

______PETS:  Pets shall be leashed not more than six feet in length and under the owner’s control at all times.  Owners are responsible for cleanup after their pets.  Please be aware that many people are fearful of dogs. 

 Lake County Parks and Recreation Department Corporate Office
219-769-PARK Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm Central Time (Chicago Time)
8411 East Lincoln Highway

Crown Point, Indiana 46307