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Here at Logogenie, we’ve been exploring new affordable tools for logo and branding success for you to take with you in the new year. 

Many may be taken aback by the idea of using logo stamps for their brand or business, as stamps seem to hold an antiquated implication, but we’re here to tell you why they are important to consider and how they can bring you more business.


What are custom company stamps with your logo?


If you’ve been through this before, feel free to skim to our next points. If the idea of using stamps for your logo and branding is new to you, we’re here to break it down. 

We’ll keep this as simple as custom stamp branding tools are. The mounting on custom rubber stamps, which hold the stamp logo can be customized. You have the choice of a wooden handle, self inking with a cartridge and plastic base, or with even more, personalized and unique aesthetic details. This all depends on your budget and more importantly, what works best for you. 

Custom company stamp


Stamp application with your company branding


Fun fact: there are a multitude of uses for custom logo stamps! The sky’s the limit with these inexpensive tools. Here are just a few common uses to consider for your own application. 



Every company in one way or another uses stationary. Whether it be for letterheads, envelopes, cards, welcome letters, reminder letters, holiday greetings, or something entirely different, stamping your logo rather than paying for custom prints will save you a significant amount of money. 


Social media

Social media handle inserts, much like business cards, are simplified physical cards with preferred social media outlets your company uses, along with your handle or username. These are great for networking and building a relationship with your clients and customers. 



Business cards

Instead of printing business cards in bulk and dealing with the costs and future possibility of a logo redesign, you can create your very own with blank cards, in whichever shape and size you desire, and add a personal, custom touch by stamping your logo on. 


Customize your packaging, whether that be to-go bags or boxes for your culinary business or shipment material for products being sent out to customers, a logo stamped on will ensure them that you care about quality and connection to whatever you love doing. Make sure to remember how important details are when it comes to price tags, care instructions and other informational text relating to your business as well.


Giveaway items

Do you plan on giving away items for raffles or promotional events to support your business? This is the perfect time to use a personalized stamp to create bespoke gifts. 

Custom company stamp


How can custom stamps with your logo help your business


Cost effective

Company stamps are significantly cheaper than printed business cards, personalized marketing materials. Logo stamps are 100% ideal for small to medium businesses, giving you the ability to stamp on the go and save on those printing costs.


Elevated appearance

We can’t stress this enough: professional logo stamps add a personal touch. This creates the appearance that your business is trustworthy, authentic and honest. Especially if your values go against the typical commercial and mass production way, it is important to uphold this image. 


Enhance your social media 

Personal, intentional touches via promotional material creates more opportunities to connect to your following on social media and hold onto real engagement.


Increase brand recognition

No matter what business you’re in, recognition is important because it keeps your customers coming back as they remember you and what you do, rather than your competition.


Custom company stamp


Why stamp branding is important for you company


You’re here because you already realize how important logos are to a sustainable and successful business. We’ve got great resources on how to think like a designer, adapting your old logo, and getting the most out of our logo maker. 

More specifically, it’s time to underline why stamp branding is important. 

Personalized Stamps add a distinct, bespoke and personal touch. If your business thrives on custom or handmade work, this is essential to communicate. This creates a stronger branding strategy for makers, those with homemade, custom or one-of-a-kind products.  

Even further, it’s a well known fact that detail communicates care. With personalized packaging, clients and consumers will recognize that thoughtfulness. Intending to add your business stamp on mail? This gives customers another reason to identify it as something important, rather than random or junk mail. Your time and resources going into mailing out promotional material will yield a higher likelihood that it will be opened, read and remembered.

Custom stamps allow your company the flexibility of placing your logo on almost any surface anytime. This includes on the spot scenarios, such as extending a business card in a networking event. This is super useful at conventions and seminars.

Finally, and most importantly, logo stamps provide more inclusive ways for small businesses and entrepreneurs to explore branding. Because of the low cost stamps incur, it’s an easier investment to make in order to take your business to the next level. 


Custom company stamp


Best design practices for logo stamps


Keep it simple

Simplicity is key. The more chaotic your logo is on the company stamp, the more room for mistakes within its application. Clean design is memorable design. Because you’ll be working with a smaller area within the rubber stamp, it is important to think carefully about each aspect within the logo design. Our logo maker tool makes it convenient for you to explore these options.


Utilize negative space

Spatial awareness is another aspect of clean design, where negative space ensures focus and memorability on your company branding. The space gives every element in your logo room to breathe. Additionally, remember that this design technique allows you to use the white spaces within and between letters and pictures to create new images. It’s helpful to think of negative space within a logo as a secret pocket, allowing you to create graphics, hidden text and additional meaning to your design.


Consider the construction of the stamp

What will ensure clean application on your intended items? Make sure the design itself works with you, not against you. Consider the actual construction of the stamp and how your logo will work with it. 


Focus on typography

If utilizing fonts within your logo, ensure this enhances your overall branding and the font itself is legible within the stamp. Avoid fonts smaller than 7 point, as anything smaller will make your text difficult to read. Sans-serif fonts, like Arial or Calibri, are fool proof choices in terms of legibility.


Ensure your brand identity is strong

Brand identity includes your company values, the brand persona, and your mission. It’s important to ensure these are all aligned with how you present your services or products to the world. How you interact with customers, how company aesthetics harmonizes with all of the above, and the emotional essence of your product or services are important and deeper questions to ask while navigating this process. Know who your customers are: their demographics, shared interests and how you want them to interact with your brand outside of investing in whatever you do. 

…and finally, go for the highest quality possible.
If possible, use vector files to ensure the crispest design.


Custom company stamp


Could custom stamps play a major role in the future of logo application?


With the current climate, we all know it’s important to maintain quality while keeping overhead as low as possible. We’re a huge proponent for personalized stamps, as they provide a resolution for both. Inclusive branding strategies to accommodate all business endeavors is important for a fair market. 

Are you already envisioning what your business stamp logo will look like? No matter the application, having one on hand will be a big life saver.  

We’ve got something else in the works! Look out for our future custom stamp tool, where you can design your logo and create your own stamp through Logogenie in one go. 


Start designing your logo now