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Earn Your Bachelor's in Criminal Justice — 100% Online

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice delivered through Penn State World Campus is an ideal program whether you are interested in starting your criminology degree, have already completed criminal justice credits or an associate degree, or have experience in the field. By taking your courses online, you'll be able to earn your degree at your own pace while still fulfilling your work and family commitments.

With this degree on your résumé, you can be prepared and qualified to advance your career in such fields as protective services, law and corrections, crime-related prevention and support, security management, court administration, and social services. Plus, you may find that what you learn from your courses is immediately applicable to your current position.

Why Choose an Online Criminal Justice Degree from Penn State? 

Get a Jump-Start on Degree Requirements. Students with ACT 120, Pennsylvania State Police, or Municipal Police Training transcripts may receive up to 16.5 credits toward a criminal justice degree, allowing you to complete your degree in a timely, less costly manner. Training from other states will be reviewed upon request.

The Real Penn State — Online. Our courses are taught by distinguished faculty who have special training and experience teaching in an online environment. You can expect the same caliber of academic quality that you associate with Penn State.

Highly Supportive Environment. You can take criminal justice courses with other licensed law enforcement professionals, allowing you to engage with and learn from officers who understand the unique challenges of working on the front lines.

Designed for Working Adults. This fully online program can be completed part-time and online — from anywhere in the world. You will never be required to come to campus.

Penn State's Online Criminal Justice Curriculum

This criminal justice bachelor's program balances the theoretical and practical aspects of crime control as they relate to adult and juvenile justice. The curriculum includes a prescribed list of bachelor's program courses, upper-level courses in criminal justice, and other general education credits and electives. You may also elect to enhance your degree with the 18-credit homeland security minor, which can prepare you for a number of security positions in the public and private sectors.

Course topic areas include:

  • criminology
  • law, policing, and corrections in America
  • ethics in criminal justice
  • security and police administration
  • alternatives to incarceration
  • aspects of the juvenile justice system
  • sociology
  • psychology

Military Grant-in-Aid Benefits for Criminal Justice Students

The Military Grant-in-Aid is an undergraduate program that brings our tuition rate closer to the Department of Defense cap, making a Penn State World Campus quality education more affordable to our military students and spouses. More details, including Grant-In-Aid forms, can be found on the Military Grants and Scholarships page.