Criminal Justice Curriculum | School of Social Work & Criminal Justice | University of Washington Tacoma

World Language
Two years in high school of the same language or through 102 of one language at the college level
If deficient at the time of program admission, must be completed prior to graduation

Mathematics (1)
Three (3) years of high school math through intermediate algebra or a course in intermediate algebra at the college

Reasoning [RSN]
5 credits; Will be met with a required introductory statistics course (2)
Composition [C]
5 credits of English composition (2)
5 credits; Met with completion of CJ admission requirement

Writing [W]
10 credits of writing-intensive course work; May be met with required CJ core courses (2)
Diversity [D]
5 credits; May be met with a required CJ core course (2)
Arts and Humanities [A&H]
15 credits

Social Sciences [SSc]
15 credits

Natural Sciences [NSc]
15 credits

Other requirements

Completion of a minimum of 60 college-level quarter credits before the start of the CJ program

Completion of 180 college-level quarter credits