Customers – Cinch Auto Finance

I received a letter from Cinch, but I don’t have a Cinch account. What should I do?
If you recently applied for financing to purchase a car, the dealership may have presented your application to several finance companies, including Cinch. We’re obligated to send you the letter you received as a follow up. If you want additional information, please follow the instructions in the letter. If the letter references another topic, call (866) 612-2857 for assistance.

Can I refinance?
We cannot refinance your loan. If you’re having problems making your payments, we may be able to help. Call (866) 612-2857 for assistance.

How do I request a name change on my account?
If there has been an error with how the name on your account appears, email us at [email protected] If you have a new name because of a recent marriage or divorce, we generally will not change the name on the account as it should appear as it did on the contract you signed at the dealership.

I think my debit card or bank account number was used fraudulently to make a payment. What can I do?
We work hard to keep your personal and financial information safe. Together, we can prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. If you believe that an unauthorized person has accessed your account, call us immediately at (866) 612-2857.

Why did I receive a 1099-C?
The IRS requires us to file Form 1099-C, “Cancellation of Debt”, because we discharged a debt you owed of $600 or more. For more information contact the IRS or consult your tax advisor.

If I received a 1099-C, does this mean that I don’t owe a balance on my account?
Not necessarily. Unless our contract with you specifically provides that we will not seek to recover a deficiency from you, the filing of the 1099-C simply reflects that Cinch has discontinued any further collection activity on this account.

If I make a payment on my account will Cinch send me a revised 1099-C?
No. Under applicable law Cinch is not required to file a revised 1099-C. Please consult your tax advisor or the IRS to determine the effect of any subsequent payments on your tax liability relating to the discharge of this indebtedness.

I lost the 1099-C that was mailed to me. How can I request another copy of my 1099-C?
To request another copy please contact us at (866) 612-2857.

What should I do if my 1099-C does not have the correct information? Please contact us at (866) 612-2857. Once we have supporting documentation we will issue a revised 1099- C if necessary.

May I request a payment deferral?
Yes, to verify if your account is eligible, log on to your account to complete a deferment request form or call (866) 612-2857.

Will the deferral have any impact on my account/ contract?
Yes. The deferral of the payment(s) will impact your original maturity date. For example, if you have a 60-month term and receive a one month deferral your term will now expire at the end of the 61st month, not after the 60th month. However, the terms and provisions of the contract, except as herein modified, remain in full force and effect.

Does interest continue to accrue if I get a deferral?
Yes. During the deferment period, interest will continue to accrue daily and may result in a larger final payment.

Will the deferral impact my insurance or GAP coverage?
Yes. Please be aware that the deferral of your payments does not include the extension of insurance and/or GAP coverage, if any, where a separate charge was included in the contract. For example, if you are in possession of a GAP product that originally covered your terms (i.e. 60 months) and receive a two month deferral, anything after the 60 month term is not covered under the GAP contract.

Who’s responsible for insurance or GAP coverage?
The Buyer and Co-Buyer assume(s) full responsibility for extending such insurance and/or GAP coverage.

Can I get extended GAP coverage?
Ask your dealer about possible vendors to determine if you may be covered under a separate agreement.

Must I sign an agreement to get my deferral?
Yes. This is done electronically by filling out the deferment request form. Log on to your account to fill out the form.

I recently filed bankruptcy. What do I do next?
Contact us to let us know about your bankruptcy filing at (866) 612-2857.

What is a reaffirmation?
A voluntary agreement between you and Cinch to repay your contract involved in a bankruptcy.

What do I do if my bankruptcy was dismissed?
Resume making payments on your contract with Cinch.

I am currently in bankruptcy, but I want to make a payment. What do I do?
Contact us at (866) 612-2857.

What do I do if a Cinch account holder has passed away?
We understand this is a difficult time and are sorry for your loss. If you are a spouse, family member or executor of the estate, please contact us at (866) 612-2857 so that we can discuss next steps.

What do I do if I believe I am a victim of identity theft?
Contact us at (866) 612-2857.

What do I do if my vehicle has been impounded?
Contact us at (866) 612-2857.

What if my job requires me to move out of the country? How can I take my vehicle overseas?
Contact us at (866) 612-2857.

What if my vehicle has been repossessed? What do I do?
Contact us to discuss your options at (866) 612-2857.

Can I stop getting my statements mailed to me?
Yes! You can opt-in to e-statements choosing “YES” in the E-statement drop down on the statement tab in MY ACCOUNT on the “Statements” tab or contact us at (866) 612-2857. If you’d like to start getting paper statements again, you can opt-out the same way.