Dallas’ Best Mexican Restaurants for Cinco de Mayo and Beyond

Mexican restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth may share certain characteristics, such as chips and salsa as a starter to rice and beans as a side dish standard. But the differences are what make so many wonderfully unique, whether they’re serving Tex-Mex, Mex-Mex, Dal-Mex, West-Tex-Mex, Coastal-Mex, or nearly any other combination you can imagine. People around here are extremely passionate about their favorites—us included—so we know right off the bat that this topic can get as heated as a steaming fajita skillet.

To be honest, we could’ve easily spiced up your life with no fewer than 100 great local restaurants, but these 15 represent a pretty stellar foundation. For the sake of framing, you won’t find any taquerias, food trucks, or street carts. Instead, we’re laser-focused on full-service outposts with truly superlative dishes, excellent agave cocktails, a welcoming vibe, and salsas that will make you weep (both with joy and perhaps a tad of taste bud-assaulting fire). Here are the best Mexican restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth.