Dallas Date Night: A Guide To The Most Romantic Restaurants

The Dallas food scene is as eclectic as the city itself—though famed for iconic dishes such as BBQ, fried chicken, steaks, Tex-Mex, and more, the Big D has an eclectic mix of culinary delights that may surprise the casual visitor expecting nothing but steakhouses (but don’t worry, there’s plenty of those, too!) From classic dishes with a Texas twist to international fusion cuisine with unique Lonestar State flair, there’s always something new and exciting around the corner in this bustling, metropolitan area.


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But what about those visitors looking for a romantic, more intimate experience? Do Dallas’ BBQ joints, taco trucks, and honky tonks have a softer side—perhaps where a couple can enjoy a magical date night, complete with amazing food and even better atmosphere? The answer is a resounding YES. Below are some of the best spots in the Dallas area where couples can enjoy everything from a fun-filled (yet special) date night to fine dining forays where love is in the air—for lovebirds who are looking for a candlelit, more intimate experience, or a cozy, quiet spot for margaritas and out-of-this-world tacos—the Big D has it all; and everything in between.

Note: Prices reflect dinner for one and do not include drinks, appetizers, dessert, or gratuity.

An Underground Steakhouse Experience At Dakota’s

A downtown Dallas cuisine icon for almost 40 years, Dakota’s Steakhouse is an underground success story—literally. Once the site of the First Dallas Baptist Church, the deed prohibited the sale of alcohol by any future owner on the grounds; however, the new owners quickly found a way around that by placing the restaurant ‘below ground.’ Once arriving diners descend 18 feet via glass elevator to an elegant subterranean dining experience. Romantic, sophisticated, and unique, the atmosphere is just as distinctive as the menu itself.

  • Location: 600 North Akard St.
  • Contact: (214) 740-4001
  • Reservations: Yes, via the restaurant website
  • Price: $$$-$$$$
  • What To Try: Short Rib Agnolotti, Shellfish Platter, Dakota’s Beef Wellington

Intimate Dining At Gorji

Gorji is the ultimate in intimate dining—with only 5(!) tables, it’s easy to imagine that you and your beloved are the only ones in the room. A fine dining atmosphere that serves up New Mediterranean cuisine with a twist, Gorji also has the distinction of being named Best Steakhouse 2021 by the Dallas Observer—so don’t be afraid to flex your steak muscles. Amazing flavors pair with an extremely cozy fine dining experience that’s perfect for sharing with that special someone.

  • Location: 5100 Belt Line Road Suite 402
  • Contact: (972) 503-7080
  • Reservations: Yes, call ahead
  • Price: $$$-$$$$ Gorji’s is a no-tip restaurant; all prices include both tax and gratuity
  • What To Try: Gorji’s menu changes on a regular basis (check online for current menu options), but current favorites include Prime Beef Tenderloin, Australian Sea Bass and Shrimp, and Grilled Veal Scaloppine

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Bistro-Style Bonhomie At Rapscallion

Let’s face it—not every date night calls for a suit and tie; some of the best dates are in elegant (yet comfortable) environments where diners can feel at ease and not worry about using the wrong fork (gasp!) And Rapscallion definitely fits the bill with their classy, bistro-esque decor and menu that serves up casual cuisine with a hint of fancy. Delish drinks, amazing food, and good company—what more could anyone ask for in a great date night?

  • Location: 2023 Greenville Ave.
  • Contact: (469) 291-5660
  • Reservations: Available via OpenTable
  • Price: $$-$$$
  • What To Try: Rapscallion Burger, East Coast Oysters, Crispy Duck Risotto

Over-The-Top, Kitschy Fun At Town Hearth

Yes, it is possible to have an unforgettable, romantic date night at a bustling, crowded restaurant—and Town Hearth is definitely the place to go if you and your sweetheart want to get lost in the crowd. Though the restaurant is the epitome of hustle and bustle, the vibrant atmosphere does add a touch of romance with its 64 electric chandeliers that hang above the comfy, cozy leather booths. But there’s a kitschy fun side to Town Hearth, too—as is shown by the gigantic aquarium in the dining room that houses a yellow submarine—and the 1961 MGA convertible parked by the kitchen.

  • Location: 1617 Market Center Boulevard
  • Contact: (214) 761-1617
  • Reservations: Yes, call ahead
  • Price: $$$-$$$$ (and up)
  • What To Try: The ‘Battle Axe’ (dry-aged, long bone ribeye), Wood Roasted Maine Lobster, Tillamook Cheeseburger

Mexican Magic At Tulum

Fresh, delicious Mexican fare from both land and sea in a romantic dining room that’s elegantly rustic? This description may seem incongruous—yet it serves up the eclectic and delicious Tulum to a T. With a take on traditional Mexican cuisine that will make diners feel as if they’ve been transported to their own little piece of dining heaven; Tulum is an intimate dining experience that is super delish without breaking the bank. Insider Tip: hit up the bar and lounge area for a truly romantic, one-on-one experience.

  • Location: 4216 Oak Lawn Ave.
  • Contact: (972) 677-9747
  • Reservations: Yes, call ahead
  • Price: $$-$$$
  • What To Try: Vacation Romance (cocktail), Shrimp Chile Relleno, Cozumel Enchiladas, Tacos Holbox (with lobster), Carne Asada con Salsa Chichilo

Dallas is filled with a plethora of amazing restaurants that showcase everything from the city’s signature dishes to exciting updates that go above and beyond. And this overabundance of fab food spots equals an incredible variety of date night destinations where diners can enjoy everything from casual and fun (yet intimate) hustle and bustle, to quiet, fine dining with all the bells and whistles—truly, Big D’s food scene is electric—and all the makings of an unforgettable date night.

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