Dallas Restaurant Consulting Services

Dallas is a great restaurant town. Some of the best Chefs and restaurant concepts have been created in Dallas. With such a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, Dallas is a prime destination for foodies! So if you’re starting a new restaurant in Dallas, it’s hard to know how to make a name for yourself in such a competitive dining venue. Fortunately, Gilkey Restaurant Consultants can help provide the edge you need.

The Gilkey team knows that to have a wildly successful restaurant in a competitive restaurant market, you need more than just great food and a talented chef. You need a strong brand platform, creative design, and best in class operating processes.

We know what it takes to create successful restaurant brands. With our proven track record opening over 100 successful restaurant concepts throughout the U.S., Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group has collaborated with industry leaders such as Bottega Louie, Urth Caffe, Ruby’s Diner, Princess Cruises Lines, POP Gourmet and a host of other popular brands.

Without a proper plan, it’s very difficult to bring the most exciting restaurant concept into a profitable reality. Our insights through the development of a feasibility study and business plan creation can help you prevent critical financial missteps.

If your restaurant is already well known and just needs a branding reboot, Gilkey can help with that too. We’ve helped many hospitality businesses retool their brands making them more competitive and appealing to new and existing guests.

Although many factors go into your success as a restaurateur, the fact is that every great restaurant builds their reputation on delicious food. Let Gilkey’s Food Consultants help you craft a menu that’s wonderfully balanced with signature dishes, delicious food, bold flavors and quality ingredients that keep your guests coming back and recommending your restaurant to their friends.

Whether you need to open a new restaurant in Dallas or need help with a brand make-over, choose The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group. We can help you build a hot new concept from the menu up.