Dazzling New Bohemian Cafe Has Opened In Dallas With Speakeasy Karaoke

Here’s to looking at you, kid.

A brand new oasis has opened in Dallas. Located in the back alley behind Tejas in the heart of Bishop Arts, Casablanca is a vibrant cafe transporting patrons to the Silk Road with its unparalleled ambience and dazzling variety of craft cocktails and shared plates. [Featured image: @foodfeelsandheels]

From Exxir Capital, the hospitality group behind the likes of Paradiso, Botanist, Tejas, and more, comes Casablanca – an exotic cafe that aesthetically coalesces the likes of Morocco, Persia, and Bali. Draped in wonderful textures, Tulum-inspired landscaping, and beautiful textiles, and spruced up with terra-cotta pottery, carved wood pieces, and a tiled reflecting pool, the Casablanca offers an impeccable atmosphere in Bishop Arts with indoor and outdoor seating perfect for enjoying the pleasant fall weather.

Among these spaces, visitors can also enjoy its speakeasy “singeasy” – that is, their ’70s-styled karaoke lounge.

As for its menu, Executive Chef Nick Hurry says that they’ve tried to emulate street food found in “southern China and Malaysia, bazaars of Persia, and smaller shared dishes common in Northern Africa.”

Featured dishes include Egyptian Spiced Lamb Skewers, Dan Dan Noodles, and Thai Popcorn Chicken. As for their libations, patrons can choose from a tantalizing list of wines and six signature cocktails that include Hurry and the Peach made with citrus liqueur, vermouth, bourbon, amontillado sherry, and peach tea yogurt.

“It’s a place to escape and celebrate everyday moments with your friends while allowing the opportunity to mingle with Dallas’ most diverse and interesting crowd,” said Exxir CEO Michael Nazerian. “The menu is approachable or as exotic as you want  it to be, ranging from frozen piña coladas with Balinese popcorn chicken to Moroccan rum tea service with cardamom lamb skewers from our award-winning beverage director Iluggy Recinos and chef Nick Hurry.”

Casablanca is now open.

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