Deloitte Vietnam Company Limited | APEA – Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards

Thanh is the Board Chairperson of Deloitte Vietnam. She is among the first CPAs in Vietnam who has made significant contributions not only to Deloitte but also to the auditing profession in Vietnam.

She has extensive professional experience that has been developed and strengthened over her 30 years working in auditing and accounting, advisory, and risk advisory in Vietnam, the US, and other countries, through different resource mobility and exchange programs of Deloitte network.

She served as national leading partner for most of the firm’s major engagements including Vietnam’s large corporations, multi-national enterprises, FDI enterprises and listed companies.

In addition to her current position at Deloitte, Madam Thanh holds key roles in various social organizations such as Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD), Vietnam Corporate Governance Initiative (VCGI), Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange’s Market Development Advisory Council, Vietnam

Women’s Union (VWU), Center for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP), Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA), Vietnam Association for Women Entrepreneurs (VAWE), Hanoi Association for Women

Entrepreneurs (HNEW), Pearl S. Buck International Vietnam.

Thanh is an active speaker and writer of articles on leadership, corporate governance, sustainable development, etc. She also joins efforts in publishing insights and publications on these topics in Vietnam.
Thanh holds Master of Business Administration from Hawaii University, Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting, Bachelor of Law as well as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) of Vietnam and Australia. She also earns the Certificate in Legal Practice in Vietnam

Madam Thanh believes that wisdom has two elements: knowledge and experience. In business, leaders not only pass on experience, but also are required to update latest knowledge of the market, of new standards and rules that the world is applying. She considers herself to be amongst the first generation of entrepreneurs in Vietnam, having both odds and lucks compared with the current generation. “Now we are working to transfer all our values to them by sharing with the next generation of entrepreneurs. In particular, we are sharing our experience, leadership skills, and mindset of a leader”, shared Madam Thanh. She concurred that “leading by example” philosophy must be implemented with wisdom; in other words, the leader must initiate. If the leader is slow or does not go the right way, their followers will be confused. Therefore, the mission of the leader is of great importance – they must put great effort to go fast and go in the right way to the set goals. Otherwise, if the leader offload everything onto her lower management, it is hard to sustain this leadership.

“Want to tell young people that what they have now are all present. There are two meaningless days in your life: yesterday (with all things that have already passed) and tomorrow (with everything that has yet to come), so today is everything you have. Learn to love what you have in your hands now before going for some other intangible things. This is because the intangibles can easily take infinity and lead to hopelessness. I always tell everyone I meet that what they love to do is not necessarily the same as what they are capable of doing and what they can do. Thus, focus on what you can do and are capable of doing, for your efficiency will enhance your capability and make you eventually love it. As a saying goes, “All you have today are all you can do and all you may fall in love later. So love them and embrace them”. Of course, that does not mean you have to give up on your dreams. Dreams nurture hopes and strengths, so that people can rise over difficulties to achieve their goals. However, dreams must also be realistic. They have to be realistic to be realized, or else they are hopeless dreams. As such, it is best to live the day, love what you have and dream realistically!”