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Are you looking for trainings that fit within your busy schedule? DES partners with LinkedIn Learning to offer an unbeatable 90% discount of $45 per person for a subscription term.  

Flexible and “just in time” training for employees

With LinkedIn Learning, you’ll gain access to on-demand content and expert-led courses. With over 16,000 trainings to choose from, you’ll have unlimited access on both desktop and mobile devices. To meet your learning and development goals, LinkedIn Learning allows you to:

To use LinkedIn Learning, talk with your supervisor.

Supervisors and managers: Curate, assign, and track training

With LinkedIn Learning, managers and learning partners can curate and target instruction to their employees. To meet learning and development goals, LinkedIn Learning allows you to:

  • Provide top quality training designed for optimal learning.
  • Create enhanced Playlists to meet a wide variety of needs.
  • Review assessments & measure improvement data.
  • Assign trainings to individuals, teams or on an agency-wide level to view progress and completion reports.

To get LinkedIn Learning at the 90% discount, contact your agency training manager or HR representative. 

    Try before you buy

    Check out these unlocked courses to experience what LinkedIn Learning has to offer:

    New trainings are added weekly. 

    Support for LinkedIn Learning administrators

    Are you a LinkedIn Learning administrator for your agency? Administrators can manage learning while establishing benchmarks to show improvement. 


    Organizations eligible to receive the 90% discount include:

    • Washington state agencies, departments, offices, divisions, boards, and commissions
    • Non-profits who work with Washington state agencies 
    • Tribes


    Contact us today to subscribe or request more information.