Describe A Big/Large Company you are interested in – IELTS Cue Card Sample 78

Describe A Big/Large Company you are interested in

you should say

  • what kind of company it is
  • what the company does
  • why you are interested in it
  • and explain how you became interested in this company.

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Written by professional IELTS teachers to help candidates on the big day


Sample Answer 1

Here is the sample for “Describe A Big/Large Company you are interested in” topic

Although there are a plethora of companies out there, the one I am interested in the most is Tesla. Owned by Elon Musk, this large American corporation remains in the news quite often. Right from the background story of the founder to the types of products they manufacture, I am fascinated by everything associated with this company.

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Primarily, Tesla manufactures high-end electric vehicles. The objective of this firm is to bring such vehicles that are not just greener for the environment but far more superior than others available in the market. This is what makes them stand out from other manufacturers across the world. In comparison to petrol cars, Tesla cars are safer, faster and look extremely voguish and cool.

One of the reasons that drew me closer to this company was Elon Musk. Over the last decade, he has come out as an idol for many around the world. His goals and objectives are much simpler than others. He is consistently in his pursuit to save humanity. And, with an intention to do something different, he has now become the richest man in the world. I admire his commitment, vision and fierce intellect. So far, he has done an outstanding job to bring Tesla into the limelight.

I hope, in years of come, the rest of the world will follow suit and use environment-friendly methods to power their vehicles; thus, partially reversing the damage done to the earth.

Sample Answer 2

Click on the audio to listen to the sample answer above. Pay attention to the intonation and pronunciation of the words

I’d like to talk about Zalora group, one of the leading companies specializing in selling clothes.

It is an e-commerce company for online shopping purposes and provides a wide variety of style as well as current fashion trends for both men and women. The company has been through so many ups and downs that there was a time when they were on the edge of bankruptcy. At first, I didn’t care much about it, not until I came across an eye-catching dress when going shopping in the mega mall.  What amazed me is that the price is much cheaper than other brands so I can get the best offer without asking for a bargain. Normally it would take me 3 days for the merchandise to be delivered but in just only 2 days I received it. Another thing is that the refund policy of ZALORA is much better than Lazada which is its competitor. Customers can return unpleasing products within 10 days and get a brand new one with a similar price so that’s the reason why ZALORA has great customer base than any competitors. Lately, the company has  expanded its chain all over the place, therefore, customers no longer have to wait for delivered products and can enjoy great service from (16) physical stores.

Starting from modest investment to a leading company that has (18) highly profitable and thousands of employees, ZALORA is an icon for lots of start-ups and youngsters running their own businesses.


Here are the vocabularies for “Describe A Big/Large Company you are interested in” with examples:

  • Specialize in:

    to concentrate one’s efforts in a special activity, field, or practice


    My company specializes in selling products online.

  • E-commerce company:

    A company or a business model that lets firms and individuals buy and sell things over the internet.


     ZALORA group is an e-commerce company  that sells every kind of clothes.

  • A wide variety of:

    a large number.


    Hanoi has a wide variety of tourist attractions.

  • Fashion trend:

    a certain style in fashion or entertainment that is popular


    Jeans are the fashion trend of all the time.

  • Ups and downs:

    rise and fall especially in the value of success of something


    He has been through so many ups and downs in life so he is more mature than his fellows.

  • Come across:

    meet or find someone or something by chance.


    When I was travelling in India, I came across this lovely coffee shop.

  • Eye-catching:

    very noticeable


    This dress is so eye-catching that I can’t keep my eyes off it.

  • Get the best offer/deal: a

    considerable quantity or extent


    You should go to ZALORA if you want to get the best offer.

  • Ask for a bargain:

    an agreement between two persons on what each gives or receives.


    You should ask for a bargain for whatever you buy in Vietnam or else you will be ripped off. ( chặt chém giá)

  • Merchandise:

    goods to be bought and sold.


    There are plenty of merchandise I want to buy when going shopping.

  • Refund policy:

    policy that dictates the terms of any refunds or returns.


    I never buy anything at a store that doesn’t have a refund policy.

  • Competitor:

    a person, a product, a company, etc that is trying to compete with others. 


    One of the things that companies face is their competitors.

  • Unpleasing product:

    a product which doesn’t give satisfaction of any kind.


    Unpleasing products should be returned within 15 days.

  • Customer base:

    customers who repeatedly purchase the goods or services of a business.


      A healthy company is the one that has a large customer base.

  • Expand its chain:

    to grow the business.


    After working in the clothes industry for 5 years, the firm decided to expand its chain to Asian countries.

  • Physical store:

    a store where consumers visit in person to do their shopping activities


    I prefer going to a physical store to an online store.

  • Modest investment:

    having or expressing a humble opinion of oneself or one’s accomplishments or abilities


      Every company starting with modest investment may not work for a long time due to the lack of capital.

  • Highly profitable:

    generating more profits


    His company is doing really well and it is highly profitable.

  • Start-up:

    founded by one or more people to develop a business or a product


    There are more and more start-ups in the technology market.

  • Youngsters:

    a child; a youth.


    Youngsters are really active as many of them have become successful businessmen.

  • Run their own businesses:

    to operate, to direct, to oversee, to manage own business.


    Running a business has lots of pitfalls so you better consider it.

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