Detailed Goosehead insurance reviews | Policy Advice

Goosehead Insurance offers a range of coverages, including homeowners insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, and even flood insurance.    

In general, insurance is always necessary as it protects you from loss. Therefore, to make sure you are making the right choice, It helps to read reviews, and luckily, there are plenty of Goosehead Insurance reviews for you to find online. 


Goosehead bases its methodology on financial strength, coverages, states available, and user ratings. Like most companies, they want the best for their clients and reach potential clients as far as possible. These are essential qualities to look for in a business that you will be relying on. You can find out more at your local Goosehead Insurance agency.       

About Goosehead

So what is Goosehead Insurance? By now you know it’s an insurance company with a wide range of coverages. You can protect your home from disaster or make sure you’re covered in the event of a flood, and you can be sure your vehicles will be replaced or compensated if wrongfully damaged.      

So who owns Goosehead Insurance? In 2003, Robyn Jones realized she had all the skills an insurance agent needs. Her husband, Mark, quit his high-paying job at Bain & Co. to start the insurance company with her, and 18 years later, they’re the owners of the company that is Goosehead Insurance.     

Unfortunately, a fate that many insurance companies face at some point is becoming a pyramid scheme or MLM structured company. It is a company with multiple levels of agents and employees, some of whose primary focus is recruiting others beneath them in the pyramid. So, if your interest in Goosehead Insurance was to become such an agent or mentor, this is not the right company.    

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a publicly-traded company and are interested in becoming a shareholder and trading Goosehead stock—you can. Goosehead Insurance trades its shares on the Nasdaq Exchange, and you can find their symbol ‘GSHD.’  

Although, if you had already heard of Goosehead Insurance, you might have heard about the controversy surrounding one of their staff members last year. Lawyer Paul Davis used to work for Goosehead Insurance until he was spotted among those who stormed the capitol. Following the event, Davis had posted online about his part in the insurrection, and shortly after, Goosehead Insurance publicly let him go.    

Goosehead Coverages Provided  

Goosehead Insurance claims to have reviewed countless other insurance companies to provide you with the best policies and prices you can get your hands on. After all, everyone’s home is unique, and that should be a strength, not a weakness. Therefore, you can be sure that Goosehead homeowner’s insurance will cover everything you need. Their insurance is calculated by property size, price, and rebuild cost. So you’ll be getting an all-around fair compensation should anything happen.

In addition, it’s not just your home that’s covered; there’s a wide range of different insurances you can apply for. Including but not limited to: 

  • Condo 

  • Renters

  • Standalone Wind

  • Standalone Earthquake

  • Auto

  • Boat

  • Commercial

  • Flood 

  • Farm

  • Landlord

Important Features of Goosehead’s Policies

If you’re currently looking to save money, Goosehead is a good option to consider. It offers different discounts to its members depending on what services they choose. It’s worth knowing that you can get a bundling discount if you pick more than one insurance from their range of services.       

Picking Goosehead homeowners insurance and coverage for your vehicle can save you a lot on the policies you need. Of course, this can be an issue if you’ve already got coverage for your home—but it’s worth knowing when it comes to renewing or changing the contract.      

However, if you’re going to qualify for this discount, you must already have your auto policy before investing in the home policy. You should also know that Goosehead isn’t the only company to offer such discounts, and few other choices may offer you similar deals.  

Choosing Goosehead 

Before choosing an insurance company, you should check the Goosehead Insurance reviews to make sure other customers are receiving satisfactory service. There’s always something that sets one business apart from another, and you must make sure that it fits your needs.       

Goosehead Insurance claims to offer quality service and price based on many factors and is confident that they’ve tailored their policies perfectly for customer interests.    

If you’re interested in getting insurance, the application process is fairly simple. You can visit their website and see whether you’re applicable for their insurance. You start by inputting your address to confirm you’re within their service area, and you can proceed from there.          

How to Get a Quote on Goosehead’s Website  

Before you pick an insurance company, it’s important to know the price of what you’re going to be signing up for—and that’s something that can vary from company to company and from property to property. There’s a lot to determine the insurance coverage price, so keep an open mind until you’ve explored your options.  

If you’re looking to get a quote from Goosehead, it’s quite easy, and there are a few ways you can go about it. On their website, you’re greeted with a button that allows you to get a quote straight away.        

Alternatively, while browsing through their various options for insurance coverages, you can find a similar button that will land you in the same place. It’s easy to find, and you can quickly get a quote for price comparisons.     

Suppose you want to shorten the time to get a quote, or you’re already with Goosehead and are looking to extend your coverage. In that case, you can go through the Goosehead Insurance login for clients, where your information will already be saved. This way, you can get a more accurate quote for the coverage you need.     

Goosehead Customer Service

If you’re going to have to trust a business, you want to make sure customer service will be readily available. Goosehead has multiple ways to get in touch with their customer service, but it’s not 24/7.             

The first method you could reach Goosehead Insurance would be through their website’s chat at the bottom right of the page. If there is an agent online, you can chat and ask any questions you have. This is an excellent customer service method, but as mentioned before—it won’t be available at all times of the day. If you’re looking to stick to texting, they have a number available for you to reach out to with any inquiries.      

If the claim is urgent, you can also reach customer service through the same number, so long as it’s within the Goosehead Insurance customer service hours, from 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday. There are lines available for you to reach out on Saturdays, but the hours are tighter, from 8 am to 5 pm.  

Additionally, you can reach out via email for less urgent claims. If you email in, you can provide extra information to make the claim process quicker. You should include information on the date of the incident, what caused the damage, a detailed description of what happened, and some photos that display the damage you have described. 

Goosehead Insurance Reviews

You can find reviews of any website or business all over the internet, where customers will share their experiences when they receive products or services from a business.              

There are multiple sites for it, and you should use them whenever you’re looking into a business you’re unsure about. It’s helpful to determine whether or not the service you’re looking into is legitimate or not—or whether or not the service is satisfactory.  

You can find many positive reviews surrounding Goosehead Insurance, but also many from customers who were unhappy with their service. However, the overall response seems to be closing in on five stars.            

Additionally, make sure you know which review websites are legitimate, and if you want to be extra safe you could check out the ones featured on Goosehead’s website. There are various quotes from customers about their insurance agents and the service they received.               

A quick search will allow you to see the Goosehead Insurance agency owner reviews, and the reviews from previous employees who have worked there. It’s a great way to discover what kind of culture surrounds the business and whether their methodology applies to just new members and not existing customers and employees.         

Goosehead vs. Competitors

If you’re looking to compare Goosehead to its competitors, you need to be aware of the main differences. There are the extras that come with each policy, the discounts on offer to existing customers, and insurance capabilities.          

The first competitor that we’ll talk about is USAA. While Goosehead offers a range of different coverages, USAA goes beyond insurance coverage and offers banking, investing, and retirement options.             

It is worth noting that Goosehead doesn’t offer an extensive range of business insurances, unlike USAA. If you only need insurance for your home, your vehicles, or a home you intend to rent out, then Goosehead can cover it—but as a business owner, you’ll want to look elsewhere. If you’re looking to get insured on more than one asset, Goosehead would be the better pick.      

When it comes to Goosehead Insurance vs. USAA, it’s clear that Goosehead is more tailored towards the average consumer rather than someone looking for less common coverage. 

Next off is Goosehead Insurance vs. Allstate. If you’ve ever been with Allstate, the first thing you might note is that they’re known for their auto insurance policies. Typically these policies are more expensive than you might find at Goosehead Insurance, and there’s a reason for that. When you drive safely under Allstate insurance, you get a portion of your money back, making that price much easier to deal with over time. However, if you end up in an accident, that insurance can be more punishing to your wallet.            

Allstate has been around since 1931. Therefore, it’s more old-fashioned than Goosehead and could start to fall behind as the years go on. For example, Allstate marketing doesn’t take advantage of modern strategies, unlike Goosehead, which uses social media marketing and SEO. With Goosehead, you’re getting a cheaper package from a company that has been around since 2003.             

It’s also worth noting that as a consumer, you can be much more involved with Goosehead than you can with Allstate. Not only is Goosehead Insurance stock publicly traded, but you can also invest in a franchise ever since 2011.