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This is Where I Leave You | Where to watch streaming … – Flicks

This is Where I Leave You | Where to watch streaming and online in Australia | Flicks


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Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Adam Driver lead this comedy-drama about an utterly disfunctional group of siblings forced to grant the dying wish of their departed father: to live under the same roof together for a week. Co-stars Jane Fonda as their newly breast-enhanced, widowed mother.

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  • 986ab05cc57Directed by Shawn Levy

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This is Where I Leave You | Reviews

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Flicks, Rebecca Barry Hill

Reading Jonathan Tropper’s novel on which this film is based was oddly comforting, yet not particularly life-changing. An ordinary guy with an ordinary family (sort of), is forced to confront the reality that none of them are happy.

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If the movie never quite masters the feel of messy, grown-up life, it at least makes a few promising salvos in that direction…

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Time Out

Probably the biggest sin in a movie filled with many is turning Fonda into a nymphomaniacal sight gag who makes Barbarella look like Gloria Steinem.

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The New York Times

Instead of smiles or tears… most likely to inspire a Kickstarter campaign to reunite its main performers for a different project.

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The Guardian

Totally aimble, utterly unmoving filler given a major shot in the arm by its cast…

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The Dissolve

Struggles in vain to meld broad, farcical comedy with low-key, contemplative drama.

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Sydney Morning Herald

It stays in safe terrain, and the ensemble cast members often feel as if they have been selected to revisit familiar characters and performances.

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This is Where I Leave You is available to stream in Australia now on Netflix and Google Play and Apple TV and SBS On Demand and Prime Video Store.

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