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Cryptocurrency tokens have revolutionized the world of traditional investing and have accelerated the growth of blockchain technology and its projects by miles. But not all crypto tokens are the same.

All the different kinds of tokens have several distinct functionalities, out of which some resemble others, and some do not. For instance, during trading and issuance, the procedures and their uses vary for which security tokens are characterized differently from utility tokens.

Utility tokens

One of the most common kinds of digital tokens is utility tokens. Utility tokens generally serve a specific purpose, such as to gain preferential benefits for services when used on a website.

Most utility tokens are given out in ICOs, where companies use them to build interest in their offerings and also for value generation and application in blockchain network services.

These tokens serve as a tool for incentivizing its holders to contribute to network governance and important decision-making. Moreover, with the rising popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, these tokens are projected to grow further in value over time.

And Delta Exchange is offering one of the most promising and dynamic tokens in the crypto world through its native token called DETO. 

DETO (Delta Exchange Token)

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DETO is an ERC-20 reward and utility token that is set to become a vital part of Delta Exchange. It will provide incentives to active traders and liquidity providers for contributing and participating in the Delta Exchange ecosystem.

Additionally, the tokenomics of DETO is designed in such a way that it will directly affect the growth of the exchange. This dynamic will result in a virtuous and honest growth loop, and the incentives will lead to increased liquidity and trading volumes at the exchange.

This will, in turn, provide greater value to DETO based rewards and create an even more powerful pull for active stakeholders and partakers to participate in the Delta Exchange ecosystem.

Functionalities of DETO

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All the functionalities of DETO have been designed in such a way that they increase the demand of DETO and manage its circulating supply and thereby giving a boost to the token. Some of these functionalities are:

●    Trading Fee Payment Method: Users and customers will have the option to pay in DETO 25% of their trading fees. Delta will accept this payment at a price that is higher than the market price of DETO at the time, along with the Minimum Support Price (MSP).

●    Collateral: Delta will enable DETO to be used as a margin for trading on the platform, thereby enabling traders to margin positions with it. This will provide several advantages to traders for collateralizing open positions with DETO.

Earning & Investing DETO in Delta

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Rewards Program

DETO is destined to be much more than just a utility token. It will have a comprehensive and sustainable rewards program around it with the primary goal of incentivizing traders to participate in trading and other related activities in Delta.

20% of the token supply, that is 100 million DETO tokens, is committed to the rewards pool and is intended to be distributed roughly over a 12 to 18 month period. Therefore about 200,000 DETO will be handed out as rewards daily for participating in mining, staking, or farming on Delta Exchange.

Liquidity Mining

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Delta Exchange houses a robo-trading marketplace where users are able to deploy capital into a wide range of algorithmic trading strategies like AMMs (Automated Market Makers) and trend-following algorithms.

Customers will earn DETO tokens from the daily liquidity mining reward pool for investing their share of capital which is deployed in the trading strategies pools.

Trade Farming

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Traders on Delta Exchange will earn DETO from the daily trade farming reward pool for their share of trading on Delta, and all the active traders on the exchange will automatically be eligible for the trade farming rewards.

Referral Mining

Professional affiliates and customers will earn DETO based on the trading activity of their referred users. The daily referral mining reward pool for DETO will be distributed in proportion to the trading volumes of the referred users.


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Delta Exchange will launch a DETO denominated pool that will supplement the existing insurance funds, and DETO holders will be able to stake DETO into this pool and earn yield. The staking yield in the DETO insurance pool will obviously be higher than the deposit schemes.

With DETO, Delta aims to combine the best features of CeFi and DeFi and utilize market-making pools for liquidity, thereby making it similar to existing DeFi automated market makers with some significant differences.