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For those working in health and social care, keeping up to date with the latest thinking and best-practice is essential.

Our online care courses will help you to upskill in new healthcare areas and consolidate your learning in areas you’re already familiar with.

When it comes to working in care, effective healthcare professionals must develop a wide range of skills, from soft skills like empathy to hard skills like medicine administration.

Our care courses cover a wide variety of topics and issues. From understanding dementia and the elderly to supporting those with substance abuse issues, you’ll gain professional insights from leading healthcare institutions in the UK and beyond.

If you’re not a care professional but you care for someone close to you, our care courses can help you to better understand the illness your loved one is experiencing and may enable you to improve the level of care you’re providing.

Upskill in physical and mental health

As our collective understanding of mental illness is growing, provisions for mental health are increasing around the world. Many of our care courses have been designed to help healthcare professionals access necessary training in how best to care for patients with mental health issues.

With courses led by experts at top medical institutions like The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and St George’s University, you’ll study the latest research and findings with experts in their field.

Learn key care skills flexibly, in your own time

Whilst the demands of a job in healthcare don’t always allow time for professional development, our online short courses require just a couple of hours of training per week.

You’ll study alongside like-minded healthcare professionals from around the globe and will be invited to share your experience and knowledge with others on the course.

Although many of our care courses are centred around the UK healthcare system, all of our courses can be applied worldwide, regardless of what type of healthcare system you work within.

Boost your CV for roles in healthcare

The care sector is a major employer around the world. As well as hospitals, the demand for skilled care workers in care homes, home care, GPs, and dental surgeries is high.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the health and social sector, online courses are a great way to set your CV and job applications apart from the rest.

A care course will allow you to develop skills you need to tackle the inevitable challenges of a care career and ensure you are able to provide the best patient care possible.

Whether you’re new to the sector or you’re looking to progress to a higher level, get started on one of our care courses today and improve your knowledge in key healthcare issues around the world.