Digital Marketing Course – Collat School of Business | UAB


Foundations of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Course

Combined “Live Online” and asynchronous online instruction that provides key practical knowledge and insights into the latest trends in digital marketing.  

Most course offerings occur over four consecutive Thursdays from 9am – 2:30pm. Follow the Register Now link for upcoming dates. 



*UAB employee/student, veteran or company with 3 or more students.


Individuals who live in Alabama who are a dislocated worker, veteran, or low-income may be eligible for full scholarships through the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA). For more information contact Cori Perdue at or (205) 934-7604. 

Who should attend?

Digital marketing work being performed• Marketing Directors and Marketing Managers who were never formally trained in digital marketing strategy, planning, tactics, and analytics.
• Anyone in marketing who is having a hard time keeping up with the constantly changing trends in online marketing.

Why should you attend?

• Develop a better understanding of the current digital marketing landscape.
• Understand the importance of creating a strategic, integrated digital marketing plan complete with content calendar, ads, social media posts, and goals.
• Learn how marketers leverage Google Analytics, Google Ads, and social media marketing data to inform strategy development.
• Understand the role of keyword research and competitive research for search engine optimization and campaign creation.
• Gain insights into key tools and resources to remain up-to-date on digital marketing and advertising trends.
• Create a buyer persona, online ads, a social media marketing calendar, and basic goal funnel.
• Generate content marketing ideas and a foundation for an integrated marketing campaign.

Reviews from past participants

“I think the best thing about the course is that Dr. Beachum’s expertise not only comes from an academic background, but she also brings wisdom from experience and practicality.”  -Fall 2021 participant

“I loved the breakout sessions and the opportunity to get to know some of the other students in my class. Virtual classes tend to take away the face-to-face experience, but this was a great way to bring it back and make online classes hands-on.”  -Fall 2021 participant

“I’m so excited about this course. The first day superseded my expectations and I’m looking forward to learning more!”  -Fall 2021 participant