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Digital marketing is a field that focuses on the promotion and marketing of products online. It combines elements of traditional marketing, as well as knowledge of modern digital platforms and technologies.

This includes social media marketing across platforms like Facebook and Twitter, search engine optimisation (SEO), affiliate marketing, email marketing, and creating positive user experiences on websites and additional channels.

Choosing an online digital marketing course can help build the foundations of this knowledge and progress your career.

Study digital marketing online

The global digital marketing industry is work over $40 billion, and is set to grow by over 17% between 2020 and 2027.

With the rise of areas such as e-commerce, social media, and web analytics, digital marketing has become a vast and in-demand subject. The way we market goods and services has changed dramatically, and it continues to develop at pace.

Choosing a course in digital marketing lets you explore some of these emerging and established areas to build a new career or add to your existing one.

The majority of businesses have some online presence and need to attract new customers to maintain growth.

As the marketplace becomes more saturated, businesses need better skills to ensure that they stand out, whether that’s on Instagram or in Google searches.

The scalable and measurable nature of digital marketing has meant that businesses can justify the costs here because the impact is clearer than with some other traditional marketing types.

Building your skills here can help you build both professional resilience in changing times and the basis for significant career improvements.

Choosing an online digital marketing course gives you the chance to learn some of the fundamentals of the industry.

It also helps you improve other key skills, such as communication, attention to detail, and organisation. This method of learning also gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace.

No matter how hectic your lifestyle is, you can fit your study hours around your free time.

Choosing a digital marketing course

We offer our learners the opportunity to develop a number of key digital marketing skills. For example, our introductory course on digital skills covers the basics of digital marketing. It also examines some of the most common strategies used and why it’s such an important field.

As well as general courses, we offer the opportunity to study individual channels and hone specific digital marketing skills. So, you’ll find the opportunity to learn about things like web analytics and social media.

There are also courses on more theoretical aspects of the subject, such as market segmentation and customer insight.