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Dillin is a Michelin starred, new nordic, gourmet restaurant created by chef Gunnar Karl & located in the very heart of Reykjavík

DILL Restaurant serves New Nordic fare, a cuisine that promotes local food cultures and seasonal ingredients.

You will find the restaurant nestled on the edge of Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik’s urban wetland and wild bird reserve.

Dill Restaurant try to use what surrounds us and embrace our old traditions in our own way. We allow our ingredients to shine in their own simplicity without all accessories but most importantly we try to have fun while we are at it.

Guests can expect classic Nordic ingredients with a contemporary twist at lunchtime, such as meatballs and plokkfiskur, a hearty fish stew. The dinner menu changes weekly with three, five and seven courses available, as well as the option of a matching wine menu.

Provided by Dill Restaurant