Dine In Bottle List / Sample Menu — Dame

sample menu

Thursday- SUNDAY


Marinated Olives

Lemon, Herbs (GF & DF)



rotates seasonally

(vegan & GF upon request) 



ricotta, fennel pollen, olive oil (vegan upon request)


Sprouting broccoli

almond caper vin, green garlic, golden raisins, grana padano (GF, vegan upon Request)


wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Shaved Foie Gras Torchon, Fried Caper, Calabrian Chile Oil (DF & GF)


Caesar Salad    

Radicchio, Caesar Dressing, Breadcrumbs, prosciutto (can be GF and Vegetarian Upon request)


Cacio e Pepe

Grana Padano, Black pepper, a bit of butter (can be vegan upon request)


Pesto pasta

(Can be vegan upon request)


Rabbit Cavatelli

FRESH CORN POLENTA, Guanciale, carrots, brothy goodness



Chanterelles, Radicchio, Black Truffles

(GF and can be vegan request)


Squid Ink Pasta

Marinated Prawns, Preserved Tomato, Fresno Pepper (spicy & delicious)


HAlibut (sometimes TROUT or branzino)

fennel, citrus, Kale, Potato, Grilled Lemon, Chamomile Salt (GF)



Ricotta doughnuts

Triple mousse Chocolate Cake

olive oil cake

Rotating ice cream & Sorbet

Thank you for your continued support. It keeps The dames working and keeps us going!

xoxo Jane, Patrick, and all the Dames