Dinner Menu

Pizza Margherita Brick oven baked pizza topped with a spicy marinara sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil

Peperoni E Salsiccia Homemade garlic & mild red pepper sausage sautéed with sweet white onions and red & yellow peppers

Shrimp Giovanni Sautéed gulf shrimp served in lemon & butter sauce served around a bed of risotto

Bistecca al Calamari Fritti Golden fried calamari strips served on a bed of capers, tomatoes & red onions in a beurre blanc sauce

Insalata Caprese Invernale Heirloom tomatoes, fresh imported buffalo mozzarella, artisan greens, with a balsamic reduction and basil infused oil

Insalata alla Caesar * Romaine lettuce topped with homemade croutons, shaved parmigiano reggiano and Giovanni’s Caesar dressing

Angel Hair, Linguine, Tagliatelle or Fettuccine served with your choice of sauce.

A meat & tomato sauce

A rich blend of four cheeses, butter and cream

A mild tomato sauce

Pesto al Pomodoro
Sweet basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan & tomato sauce

Lasagne al Forno
Thin sheets of pasta layered with meat, cheese and bechamel then baked to perfection

Cannelloni di Pesce
Thin sheets of pasta filled with a cognac infused shrimp and scallop mousse topped with a light shrimp and tomato bechamel

Cannelloni di Carne
Thin sheets of house made pasta filled with seasoned meats and imported cheeses topped with pomodoro or Bolognese

Gnocchi di Patate
House made potato or spinach potato dumplings with bolognese, pomodoro, pesto pomodoro or alfredo

Gnocchi al Porcini
House made ricotta dumplings topped with a white wine porcini mushroom cream sauce

Cappelletti alla Panna
House made meat and cheese filled round ravioli topped with alfredo sauce

Scampi alla Giovanni
Gulf shrimp sautéed in butter, white wine and garlic served over house made tagliatelle