Director Of “Muhan Company” Highly Praises G-Dragon On His Acting

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon can now add the title “actor” to his long-list of accomplishments.

On the September 3 episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” the first part of the show’s blockbuster special, “Muhan Company,” was revealed.

Before the release of the movie, the cast members and G-Dragon gather for a private preview. While he was confused why he was there, the idol confesses that he agreed to appear because he thought it would be a sketch, not a full-blown feature.

Embarrassed, he says, “I’m making my film debut through ‘Muhan Company.’ I don’t want to see myself act.”

While G-Dragon has acted in smaller projects such as music videos and parodies, he has never properly made a debut as an actor, as he previously confessed he always turned down roles in dramas and films.

However, despite his worries, the director of “Muhan Company,” Jang Hang Joon, has nothing but praise for the idol. He states, “I was certain that [G-Dragon] would act well. He is a professional for sure, and he changed when he was in front of the camera.”

G-Dragon Park Myungsoo Kwanghee

In line with the director’s compliments, G-Dragon reportedly filmed successfully, without any major hurdles. Many people are looking to see actor Kwon Ji Yong (his real name), and a different side to the BIGBANG member.

“Muhan Company” is a two-part thriller movie that was written by Kim Eun Hee, whose famous for “Signal.” In addition to G-Dragon, various actors such as Kim Hye Soo, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hee Won, and Kunimura Jun also made stellar cameo appearances.

Watch G-Dragon and the rest of the cast shine in the latest episode below!

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