Does B2B Matter? 4 Key Learnings from the Restaurant Leadership Conference – Dinova

I had an amazing time at this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference. Not only was the location (Scottsdale, Arizona) incredible, but the content was exceptional and the speakers where some of the best yet including Magic Johnson, Sarah Thomas (the first female NFL Referee), and Dr. Robert Gates (former US Secretary of Defense 2006 – 2011).

For Dinova, this show is always one of the best opportunities of the year to connect with our existing restaurant partners and to meet new ones. It also presents an opportunity for us to facilitate some meaningful content to our unique business dining niche within the restaurant industry. This year was no exception as we hosted a panel on the importance of having a B2B strategy that taps into the $100B+ business dining opportunity ($77B in business travel meals, $15B in business catering and $9B in corporate private dining). In holding this panel, I learned a lot about what restaurateurs know and don’t know about the B2B industry. Here were some of my key learnings, and for restaurateurs out there, I hope this helps you in growing your sales through a route you may have never considered.