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Your Role As A Parent-Coach

Your teen may see driving as a gleeful burst of independence, but you as a parent may not be as gung-ho. That′s because you know there′s a lot more to driver education and driving than slipping a key in the ignition and hitting the gas. Getting your New York Learner Permit and Driver license requires skills and responsibility as well as knowledge of and willingness to follow the rules of the road.

Here′s where our New York Drivers Education comes in. With driver safety as the top priority, our award-winning defensive driving course offers a state-approved, online Traffic Law and Alcohol course that is required by New York Law. Your teen can complete when and where it′s most convenient. This sets the stage for a more relaxed learning environment in which your new driver can acquire the skills and knowledge needed before even getting a foot near the gas pedal.

Lessons Adapt to Teen′s Needs

The FL Drivers Ed course consists of four hours of lessons which your teen can complete whenever it works best. The flexible format meets a variety of learning styles and speeds and takes away the pressures of classroom learning. Your child has the freedom to pursue the lessons in a manner that allows him or her to fully absorb it.

Your Part as a Parent Instructor

The instructor role goes to the parent, giving you supervision duties over your teen&prime’s online driver education and driving practice. The driving practice sessions are at your discretion, of course, but we can fill you in on what our online driving lessons entail. Text lessons make up the foundation of our course, and they are enhanced with interactive teaching tools, graphics, videos and audio clips. The combination serves to keep your teen′s interest as well as get students directly involved in the learning process. The course is broken down into chapters, which your teen undertakes at his or her own pace, building on the knowledge as the lessons move along.

A Certification of Completion is the final reward, and your teen achieves this by passing the final exam and providing proof of successful completion of a 4 Hr. Drug and Alcohol Course approved by the state. Once the Certificate is issued, we report your teen′s driving status to the DHSMV. We also report Permit Exam results if your teen chooses to complete that exam online.

Getting your New York Learners Permit

The next step for your teen, is passing the written exam and driving test from the DHSMV. We have online resources that can help you and your teen prepare.

Don’t Forget the Parent-Teen “Handshake”

Once your teen is a licensed New York driver, a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement can come into play. Such a contract establishes the ground rules for driving and the consequences when the rules are broken. We offer a free Parent-Teen Driving Agreement with each TLSAE course, which you can use and adapt as needed. The contract reinforces the new driver′s need to be responsible, touching on topics that range from curfews to passenger; limits and setting the stage for safe and responsible driving.

Parents, test your knowledge of New York Laws for teen drivers by taking NY DHSMV Parent Test.

Need More Info?

You or your teen can always contact us with any concerns or questions about our course or general New York license questions. We answer phone calls within an average of 45 seconds and our emails within 24 hours or less.

Rev up for Your Lessons Now!

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Tips On Coaching Your Teen

When sitting behind the wheel, both parent and teen should feel confident and safe. At Driver License Direct by Improv, our goal is to ensure this happens by creating safe and responsible drivers out of your teens. You are your child′s primary coach throughout each of their practice driving sessions. Keeping that in mind, consider a few tips to make this a more successful process for everyone and the New York drivers test will be a walk in the park.

Have a Plan. Download The NY DHSMV Parent-Teen Driving Skills Guide

  • Know where you will practice driving before you get in the car. Start in an empty parking lot. Then, once both of you feel it’s time, move onto safe, slow side streets without much traffic.
  • Determine the route you take before you get in the car. This reduces confusion.
  • Also before leaving, talk about the specific skills you want your teen to focus on. This way, he or she can focus on mastering a set of skills before getting on the road and possibly becoming overwhelmed.

Be Ready Before Turning on the Ignition

  • As your teen sits down, he or she needs to adjust the mirrors. The passenger-side mirror should be one you adjust so you can see.
  • Buckle in. And, as the passenger, you need to remain calm throughout the process.

Focus on Simple Tasks

  • As you drive, keep instructions simple. Give those instructions far enough in advance so that the teen can process, and then take the right steps.
  • Encourage your driver to talk about what he or she is seeing and feeling.
  • Remain calm throughout the experience.
  • Give plenty of praise to your teen during the drive.
  • Don′t talk about other subjects. Let the teen focus.
  • When mistakes are made, ask your teen to pull to the side of the road and then talk about it in a clam manner.
  • Monitor your teen for stress and help him or her to relax.

After the Trip

  • Talk about the positives first when you arrive home.
  • If the teen made mistakes, discuss them calmly. Give the teen a chance to ask questions.
  • Talk about how well you did, too. Did you remain calm?

What You Need to Know about Teen Driver Education

  • Before you begin teaching your child how to drive, have a frank and open discussing with the child about the process and the responsibility it involves. This type of conversation is just as important as those about drugs and sex.
  • Be sure to use a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. This tool allows you to communicate with your student regarding the expectations. You can download the contract right now, read through it together, and agree to the terms.

Now you are ready to start driving with your teen!

Helpful Tools – Download Now!

Helpful Resources for Both Parents and Teens

Teens: Take our Free 50-question New York Learners Permit Practice Test as many times as you need to feel confident for the real thing! Further, test your knowledge by taking the New York DHSMV simulated permit exam.

Parents and Teens: