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While this first step is optional it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because not every family is going to meet the requirements to qualify for the parent-taught program.

By completing pre-qualification you will know ahead of time that specific requirements have been met and we’ll provide you with direct email confirmation containing further directions and the documents needed to submit the final application for completion.

The pre-qualification process is simple and consists of us verifying driving records of any teaching parent along with chosen curriculum from our list in step 2 below.

To be pre-qualified, a parent must submit the Parent Taught Driver Education Pre-Qualification application online or print it, complete it with all driver’s license numbers and the chosen online course to be used, and submit it via email to


  • Possess a valid instruction permit.
  • Age 14-21.
  • In legal custody and control of teaching parent.
  • Currently attending public school, accredited nonpublic school or receiving homeschool education under chapter 299A.


  • Must be parent, guardian or legal custodian of student.
  • Possess a valid Iowa driver’s license, other than a motorized bicycle license or a temporary restricted license. Must have a clear driving record for the previous two years which means the individual has not been identified as a candidate for suspension or revocation of a driver’s license under the habitual violator or habitual offender provisions of the department’s regulations; is not subject to a driver’s license suspension, revocation, denial, cancellation, disqualification, or bar; and has no record of a conviction for a moving traffic violation determined to be the cause of a motor vehicle accident.

You can review your current driving record at


Application is approved If the pre-qualification is approved, the parent will receive a confirmation email containing complete instructions and forms needed to complete the program directly from the DOT.



Application is deniedIf requirements are not met, the Iowa DOT will send a denial letter explaining exactly why and what remedies might be available or options for traditional driver education programs.



The teaching parent may purchase course material directly from the course provider and begin instruction. See the list of approved courses below.

Student successfully completes an approved course, including required classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Parent submits the Application for Parent-Taught Driver Education Certificate of Completion to the Iowa DOT. The following items must be included with every submitted completion:

  • Application for Parent-Taught Driver Education Program Completion
  • Approved course completion certificate or grade report.
  • Copy of a completed driving log documenting 30 hours of street or highway driving instruction including 3 hours night driving documented between sunset and sunrise including the dates and times when the lessons were conducted.
    • Driving logs must contain specific driving skills covered during each driving session.
    • Driving logs must contain notations of deficiencies and improvements during driving instruction.

Course completion materials should be emailed directly to:

or they may be mailed to:

Iowa Department of Transportation
Drivers Central Programs Bureau
P.O. Box 9204
Des Moines, IA 50306

The Iowa DOT will review the submitted materials. If requirements are met, the Iowa DOT will email a certificate of completion to the parent and student. If the course completion material is unsatisfactory, the Iowa DOT will send an email explaining the reason it was not approved.



***All students completing parent taught driver education are required to

schedule and pass a driver skills test with a Certified DOT Consultant***

After receiving the certificate of completion, the student MUST pass a driving test with a certified DOT consultant before obtaining driving privileges. The student and parent may schedule their driving test at any Iowa driver’s license service center. The student and parent should bring the following items with them to the service center issuance site:

  • Proof of insurance (required for the driving test).
  • Student’s valid instruction permit.
  • Verification of Program Completion from the Iowa DOT.
  • If the parent does not accompany the minor to the driver’s license site, the student must bring a parental consent form.
  • $8 for required license fees.

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For questions about parent-taught driver education, please contact or call general information at 515-244-8725.