Dual Enrollment – PCCC

College for High School Students

Through Dual Enrollment, students who excel will receive additional academic stimulation and an early start on their college career, while saving money on the cost of a college education.

Unlike Advanced Placement (AP) courses, students obtain actual college credit which is based upon progress throughout the course and course grade as opposed to a single score on a standardized examination.

By creating closer relationships between colleges and communities and stronger partnerships between high school and college faculty, Dual Enrollment can have positive effects on high school graduation rates and college enrollment rates

Real College Faculty

Dual Enrollment courses are taught by full-time PCCC faculty, by PCCC adjunct instructors, or by high school faculty selected and certified by the College through a careful process.

In order to teach DE courses, a high school teacher must be
recommended by the principal and have a master’s degree in the subject area. The selected high school teachers are completely knowledgeable about PCCC courses and grading systems.