Easiest/Quickest Remaining Sophia Courses?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! The order I’ll do these is: Art II History II > Intro to Ethics > Accounting > Principles of Finance > Intro to Chemistry. I probably won’t have enough time to do all of them, but it’s nice to have a plan lol.

For everyone asking about my degree plans:
Right now my focus is on just getting the Pierpont BOG degree. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have enough time or money to dedicate to a Bachelors, plus I still haven’t firmly decided on a major yet. For now, having an AAS will check a box and let me get a higher paying job, which is my immediate goal. Once I have time and money to focus on a Bachelors, I’ll decide what I want to major in and can get another month of Sophia for whichever courses I’ll need then.

I’ve avoided the math and statistics courses because I stopped doing the Khan Academy exercises a few months ago and I’ve forgotten everything I was learning. The Intro to College Math and Foundations of Statistics courses were struggles. I’ll probably start up Khan Academy again and do the College Algebra and Stats courses after a few months of re-learning everything.

Thanks again everyone for the help and advice! I really appreciate it!