Easily Secure a Fifth Third Bank Lien Release [98% Success]

How to Get a Fifth Third Bank Lien Release

Fifth Third Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. As such, they are one of the leading providers of car loans. While the bank is pretty good at automatically removing liens on cars that are fully paid for, sometimes the paperwork falls through the cracks. These customers are left wondering how to get a lien release from Fifth Third Bank.

If you have fully paid off your car and the lien has yet to be removed, fret not. DoNotPay can help get your Fifth Third Bank lien removed with our “Remove a Lien” product. Or if you prefer, you can follow our how-to guide below.

Where Can I Find Information on My Fifth Third Bank Lien?

  • After you have made your last car payment, you should receive a letter from Fifth Third Bank that the lien has been removed.
  • These letters can take time to receive. But if it has been 60 days since your final car payment, it may take some investigating to ensure that the lien has been removed.
  • Sometimes, the lien may have been removed, but the notification of removal fails to reach your mailbox.
  • To verify the title and lien status of your car, you will need to get in touch with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Most states allow you to check title and lien status online. All you have to do is provide the car’s VIN, and the DMV can provide you with its lien status.
  • If your car has been paid in full for more than 60 days and the lien is still showing on the car title, then you will need to get in touch with Fifth Third Bank to get the lien removed. 

How to Remove a Fifth Third Bank Lien

If Fifth Third Bank has left the lien on your car in error, then you will have to contact them to get the issue resolved.

Unfortunately, Fifth Third Bank does not have a dedicated customer service line for lien problems. You will need to call their general customer service line at 1-800-972-3030. They are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Before calling, make sure you have the following information handy: the car’s VIN, the car’s make, model, and year, the state where the vehicle was last titled, and the name of the owner as it appears on the title.

In most cases, the customer service representative will be able to resolve the issue and get the lien released on all fully paid vehicles.

Websitehttps://www.53.com/Support Pagehttps://www.53.com/content/fifth-third/en/customer-service/mortgage-personal-loan-auto-loan-faqs.html#auto-loans/If Fifth Third’s lien IS recorded on the title and you are NOT in one of the following states

(Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, and Oklahoma) please mail your title to

Fifth Third Bank

5001 Kingsley Drive


Cincinnati OH 45227

If Fifth Third’s lien is NOT recorded on the title,Fifth Third Bank

5001 Kingsley Drive


Cincinnati OH 45227

Can I Sell My Car If There Is a Lien on It?

  • For private sales, the answer is usually no. Just about every jurisdiction requires that your car be paid in full before it can be sold to a private buyer. You may be able to find a loophole, but it will take a good amount of diligence and know-how.
  • Selling your car back to a dealership will be easier if there is still a lien on it. Most dealerships have working relationships with major creditors such as Fifth Third Bank. This makes the transfer of debt and ownership more feasible.
  • Check out our full guide on selling a car with a lien for more information

Problems Trying to Get Your Fifth Third Bank Lien Removed on Your Own

  • The only avenue for recourse with Fifth Third Bank is their customer service number.
  • If you are busy during the hours of operation of the customer service line, then it may be incredibly difficult to get your title issues cleared up.
  • Fifth Third Bank typically doesn’t have long wait times on their phone. But if you have limited availability to call them, even a 20-minute wait can be too long.
  • DoNotPay can help by drafting an official lien removal request letter.

How to Get Your Fifth Third Bank Lien Removed With DoNotPay

Instead of dealing with the hassle of trying to get your Fifth Third Bank lien removed on your own, DoNotPay can create a lien removal request letter on your behalf. Follow these three easy steps to get started

  1. Search for remove my lien on DoNotPay.E30AE28E 1609 4BDB A6F3 32303369C014 4 5005 c


  2. Start our Remove My Lien product.D4D2CA87 8B27 40C7 80B0 F59024C0A19F


  3. Answer some questions about your specific lien and let us help you craft a letter to your creditor to resolve the issue.14B3A78D C1B8 45F4 9251 0DDCE4F8200C


Hit submit and that’s it! We will submit the lien removal letter on your behalf.

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