Easy mushroom snacks to make your quarantine interesting

When you can’t think of a quick and delicious fix to your hunger pangs, then eggs can be the best saviour. Made with the goodness of eggs, spinach and mushrooms, this delicious omelette is a perfect snack recipe, which is not only delightful but at the same time is loaded with nutrition. Here’s a simple recipe to nail this super delicious omelette.

Just take a mixing bowl, add eggs, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, black pepper, salt garlic powder, red chili flakes, and whisk them well until creamy texture. The more you whisk , the better your omelette will taste.

In a non-stick skillet heat olive oil at medium to low heat. Add chopped onions and mushrooms and let them cook until tender. If you like it spicy add some green chillies and saute.

Next, add chopped spinach and let it cook for 5 minutes on medium heat. Keep stirring occasionally. Then evenly pour the egg mixture in the pan and swirl it and spread it.

Turn the omelette upside down and cook again.Serve Hot!