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Easy Spring Break Snacks That Travel Well

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With spring break just around the corner (whaaat?) there’s a decent chance you have some travel plans in your near future. Whether you’re hopping on a plane to Cancun or taking the train into the city to meet a friend, you’re definitely going to need to eat.

When hunger strikes when you’re on the road, it’s often too tempting to make a stop at the vending machine or order an expensive packaged meal (that also looks unappetizing) at a train or bus station. Or worse: You’re stuck on the tarmac for hours with no snacks in sight.

If you travel enough, one of the above scenarios is bound to happen, and you will be grateful to have a healthy snack or meal in your back pocket. The not-so-magic trick is to get into the habit of packing your own snacks and meals. With a little work, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and feel much healthier on the go.

Here are 20 snack ideas to take on your next spring break adventure.

Fresh & Dry Snacks

Fresh fruit. The “apple a day” rule definitely applies when you’re traveling. Pack firm fruit like apples, pears, or oranges to enjoy when hunger strikes. Try to avoid fruit that squishes or quickly browns, like berries and bananas.

Nut butter packet. For a quick source of protein (and to have something that’ll go with your apple) bring a packet or two of your favorite nut butter. Many brands carry single-serving packages of peanut, almond, cashew, or even hazelnut spreads for a yummy snack that will help keep you full.

Popcorn. Unlike chips or pretzels, popcorn is made with whole grains and is full of fiber. As long as you try to avoid ones that are flavored with extra sugar, salt, and fat, popcorn is a low-calorie, delicious snack to keep on hand.

Rice cakes. For something light and delicious to snack on, look no further than a few rice cakes. Many are made from brown rice, which means it will be filled with fiber and healthy carbohydrates and phytochemicals. Just note: While they make a good snack, they’re not a rich source of nutrients and shouldn’t be subbed for a meal.

Unsweetened dried fruit. If you’re craving something sweet that’s also packed with vitamins and minerals, carry some dried fruit if your purse or bag. Some of my favorites include mango, raisins, and blueberries. Just be careful of serving size; even the unsweetened versions pack a lot of natural sugar.

Raw nuts. My go-to snack when on the move is a ziplock full of raw almonds. They’re healthy, easy to carry, and filled with nutrients. Cashews, walnuts, and pistachios are great options, too! Pro-tip: Combine all four nuts with the above dried fruit, and you have yourself homemade trail mix.

Dry oatmeal cup. For a quick and easy breakfast, bring along a pre-packaged dry oatmeal cup. If you’re flying, ask a flight attendant to bring over boiling water they use for tea and water, and voila — breakfast!

Kale chips. If you’re craving the salt and grease a delicious potato chip provides, here’s a healthier option: a kale chip. They are yummy, flavorful, and a healthier choice, since the star in this snack is one of our favorite leafy vegetables.

Beef or turkey jerky. A package of jerky can ward off unwanted hunger pangs and keep you full till your next healthy meal is in sight. Just read the package before purchase; some jerky’s carry a sneaky amount of sugar.

PB&J wrap. Perhaps the quick and easiest sandwich you can make before heading out the door is a pb&j. Choose a wrap over bread so it doesn’t get super soggy, and make sure you buy natural peanut butter without added oil or sugar.

Protein powder. For a protein shake without the excess sugar, simply carry a flavored protein powder packet with you! Add water, nut milk, or low-fat milk and you have yourself a delicious and filling beverage.


Cold Snacks

For snacks and meals that need to stay cool, consider bringing an insulated lunch bag so whatever you plan to eat stays fresh.

Quinoa salad. Quinoa is an awesome super-grain that contains healthy carbs and protein to ensure you stay energized throughout your travels. I like to add a Mediterranean twist to my salad, with red onion, cucumber, roasted chickpeas, and feta cheese.

Hardboiled eggs. You can either make your own hardboiled eggs or buy pre-boiled ones at the grocery store. These help ward off hunger and provide a nice bout of protein and healthy fat while on-the-go.

Grilled chicken. Grilled chicken travels well and provides a nice source of lean protein. I like to cook mine up ahead of time in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and munch on them throughout the day when traveling on planes, trains, or automobiles.

Turkey wrap. Wraps are a bit easier to transport than bread since they take up less space and have less of a chance of getting soggy. Turkey, like chicken, is a great source of lean protein. I like to add provolone cheese, honey mustard, and a handful of spinach to my sandwich.

Cheese sticks. Cheese sticks are super easy to travel with and pack a nice punch of protein, calcium, and fat. Embrace your inner-kid and treat yourself to this yummy snack.

Breakfast burrito. For something to keep you full soon after waking up, look no further than a breakfast burrito. These are easy to whip up at home — just scramble eggs with veggies, sprinkle in some cheese, and add to a wrap. Or, grab a frozen breakfast burrito, heat it up and go!

Greek yogurt. A single serving of yogurt can go a long way! Healthy fats, protein, and probiotics are all necessary travel items. With so many flavors to choose from, the world is your oyster down the dairy aisle. Just make sure to watch out for yogurt that adds a lot of unnecessary sugar!

Hummus. Hummus is my healthy weakness. The protein and fiber from the chickpeas coupled with the healthy fats from the tahini make this a well-balanced and delicious dip. While I certainly won’t judge if you eat it straight with a spoon, bonus points for enjoying hummus with veggies.

Fresh cut veggies. We’ll give veggies its own spotlight here! I love to slice up carrots, celery, or cucumbers to have with me on-the-go for an amazing source of vitamins and minerals needed to keep me energized throughout my travels. Also, eating fresh vegetables simply feels good when I’m traveling, versus relying on processed foods found in vending machines and bus-stop corners.

There you have it: 20 delicious, easy, and healthy snacks and meals you can take with you — no matter where you’re headed. With a little bit of prep time, you and your stomach will be thanking you on your next spring break adventure.