EATALY NYC Flatiron – Eataly’s vertical rooftop garden

How can a seasonal rooftop restaurant in NYC provide the freshest ingredients in their dishes reflective of the Italian countryside? Eataly New York Flatiron is a part of a branch of famed restaurants and Italian markets that provide high quality food, celebrating Italian cuisine. The chefs of the restaurant, located in the Flatiron District in Manhattan, were struggling to find a source for high quality herbs that typically grow in Italy. Any availability of those products had to travel thousands of miles before reaching diners’ plates. 

Farm.One designed, built and maintains a custom hydroponic farm to provide the restaurant’s chefs with the freshest possible ingredients by growing herbs onsite. Serra, meaning ‘greenhouse’, in Italian, used Farm.One’s hydroponic unit to streamline access to fresh and unique herbs that are used in SERRA’s dishes and cocktails. Herbs, like pluto basil, peppermint, and thyme, were grown to be used in signature dishes and cocktails. 

This unit was a three level Deep Water Culture system, with a  footprint of only 12 square feet. Since the restaurant was located on the rooftop without a freight elevator, the unit equipment had to be carefully designed and installed in sections to accommodate the small urban space. This mini-farm is maintained with the help of Farm.One’s farmers and engineers. 

Even in a small space, this farm brought greenery to the lush restaurant, adding visual appeal and customer excitement, and elevated the farm to the table concept. With this mini farm, the Serra’s chefs now have access to clean and delicious ingredients that are harvested just steps away from plating.