ECC Network

ECC believes in a future where decentralization not only ensures financial autonomy, but is the catalyst for users to regain control of their digital footprint and safeguard their privacy. To this end, ECC has developed a novel data protocol which overlays its existing node network. This flexible protocol is the foundation for micro-services that act very much like current internet services, but with privacy guaranteed and users, not corporations, as the stewards and guardians of the network.

The first micro-service is encrypted chat, emulating today’s familiar messaging apps but with increased security and zero centralization. The initial chat platform will also support a cross-chain swapping service. This allows users to swap a wide range of coins directly in a p2p manner, no KYC, no 3rd party intermediary, and no prying eyes.

This project is not attempting to decentralize single utilities or apps, the vision is larger and the tech more transformative. ECC aims give users sovereignty over their data while ushering in a new paradigm in how we communicate, share and interact with each other.