ECE Course Enrollment Policies & Procedures | Electrical and Computer Engineering

If you have not taken a listed pre-requisite course or took a pre-requisite but earned a C+ or lower, then you must make an EASy request to be cleared of the pre-requisite in order to enroll in the course.

If you have taken a pre-requisite course and earned a B- or higher, then you have met the pre-requisite for the course. You should be able to enroll/waitlist for the course on WebReg directly.

Lists “recommended preparation” and “pre-requisites” which are required skills to be successful in the course.

ECE courses are offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. If you see a name in a box, then it means the course is being taught that quarter by that professor. If there is a blank box, then it means that the course is not being offered in that quarter.

Please use the following resources to guide planning your coursework each quarter.

While you can find the most updated course pre-requisites and recommended preparation using the resources above, there are some courses that have yet to be updated.

  • Please note that listed pre-requisites earned with a B- or higher are requirements needed to enroll in a course.
  • Recommended preparation and instructors’ notes are not required to be enrolled in the course but they are required skills to be successful in the course. Therefore we highly recommend you take pre-requisites, recommended preparation, and instructors’ notes into consideration when selecting courses.

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