Eclectic new bar boasting colorful craft cocktails finds its way to Midtown

Midtown already boasts a full range of nightlife options, but recent additions like Pour Behavior and Electric FeelGood demonstrate that revelers still enjoy the novelty provided by new arrivals. An eclectic newcomer will join the mix next month.

Lost & Found, a new project in the former Ginger Man space on West Gray, will open in January. Prospect Park owners Mojeed Martins and Jonathan Reitzell are branching out beyond the successful sports bar with a food-forward concept that will feature a dog-friendly patio.

As Martins notes, Prospect has achieved significant success in its six years of operations, growing to two locations (Galleria area and Willowbrook) with a third coming to Dallas in early 2020.

“The whole point of the venue is [bringing] something unique that caters to people in the area, people who live and work in downtown and Midtown,” Martins tells CultureMap. “Not your traditional, high energy lounge where it’s crazy in here. We’re not really pushing bottle service or anything like that.

“It’s going to be a place where you can get good food and craft drinks. We’ll have hookahs available as well.”

The first sign that Lost and Found is a little different comes from its decor. Yes, that’s a statue of a zebra on one wall. Zigzag patterns adorn the walls and ceilings. Seating surfaces feature bold colors like purple, orange, and green.

“It was just things where you walk in and go ‘what the hell’ or ‘this is dope.’ Definitely things that people can post on social media, but we still want the food and drinks to match up to the looks,” Martins says. “We don’t want to be a spot where everything looks cool but when you get to the food and drinks they don’t match up.”

Martins adds that he and Reitzell want to offer patrons a diverse array of dining options. Towards that end, the menu will feature everything from crawfish bread and fried chicken to burgers and steaks.

The cocktail menu will be similarly memorable. Martins says he wants them to have a “wow factor.” Asked about specifics, he doesn’t hesitate.

“They’re going to light up. They’re going to smoke,” he says. “They’ll change colors and have edible flowers.”

As for the name, Martins says it comes from finding this property shortly after exiting another partnership. The idea that a person could lose something and find a new opportunity has a lot of appeal to the owners, and they want to share that experience with their customers.

If nothing else, people are already hopping the construction fence to get a picture in of the restaurant’s Travis Scott mural. Pretty soon, those people will be able to stay and have a drink after they get their selfie.