Edit Suits Co. | London Tailors – Custom Tailored Suits, Shirts, and Chinos

With showrooms conveniently placed in Mayfair and in the City of London, we have a location in proximity of you to take care of all your custom clothing needs. In our tailor stores, we are offering a wide range of garments for men, such as tailor made wedding suits, business suits, three piece suits, mens double breasted suits, tweed suits, tuxedos, chinos, overcoats, and shirts. With our showrooms conveniently located in Mayfair (in proximity of Savile Row’s bespoke tailors) and the City of London, we have a tailor store near you for all your tailoring and custom clothing needs. Book your personal appointment and take a look at our product range – We have thousands of fabrics available at our suit shop London to design suits and create garments that are uniquely yours. Why made-to-measure? Even if you have a standard body shape, finding the perfect fit with off-the-rack clothes is difficult. We all know how cumbersome it can be to roam through crowded stores and try on piles of suits, jackets, or pants until you find something that fits your reasonably well. And if you decide to do alterations to off-the-rack garments, the alteration bill can quickly increase the total cost of the garment drastically. Made-to-measure tailoring and custom clothing solves this problem from the ground up – Our London tailors takex over 30 body measurements, and visualise the final fit of the garment with try-on garments, to ensure that you receive clothes that are truly made for you and feel like no other. Another advantage of custom tailoring is, that each garment is fully customisable to your specification – you can select the fabric, and options such as lapels, pockets, vents, and lining on your jacket, the waistband, pockets, and turn-ups on your trousers and chinos, and the collars, cuffs, placket, and pleats on your shirts. Why choose Edit Suits Co.? To put it simply – we are true experts in our field and the best tailors in London! Creating custom garments is our bread and butter, and all our Tailoring Experts are trained professionals that can offer expertly style advise, and create the perfectly fitting garments for you. We pride ourselves in our customer service, and are taking any risk out of your purchase with our full fit guarantee.