Eduardo’s BBQ Steaks & Mexican Grill menu in Laredo, Texas, USA

Went on a Saturday evening, maybe that was why it was busy.Went here with family and was most likely the biggest table here. I think there was a party going on in another room. Everybody was already there except for a few who were still getting there. Somebody thankfully came to take the order the first time and I think they got one half of the table and then are side of the table for drinks which was good. But then the rest of the people had got there and they had only taken are drink order and they still hadn’t taken the new people’s drink order and we waited. Somehow along that time they brought other people food already and some others were still waiting to order drinks. Eventually they had to go to the separate bar to go order drinks and was when they sent somebody to come take the order the second time and they were able to order a drink and food. They seemed Nice it just didn’t feel that busy in the dinning room to take a long time aside from the party and the food when it did come tasted really good and was hot. The prices were a little high but I guess because the food is good and place is nice, don’t know how long the wait usually is?