Edureka Reviews | Course Report

So, as a student who recently passed out from Masters of Computer Applications, I will be sharing my experience of this course. So, the thing is, during my last semester of the course, everyone was talking about being a MERN stack and/or Full Stack Developer and how it has been said that, these developers does get more opportunities for placements as compared to those who are only just a software developer.

So, I was looking on youtube to make myself familiar with it, and then I came across edureka’s advertisement for the same, coincidentally. (Well, the concept of recommendation, whatever you search for, you get recommendation on the basis of that)

Initially, I was reluctant to check this out, but I remember, I did had my concept cleared for a lot of stuffs, like for the lessons which I didn’t understand from university, I searched for the same on youtube, and the recommended video was from Edureka itself. So, I knew that, this is not some kind of company who takes your money and does not offer anything. And also, the ad said about the free demo class, so I attended it.

The demo class made me convince that, the instructor would be qualified and nice, they might have proper knowledge of what needs to taught in order to become a full stack developer and although, I do not directly believe people and always have the tendency to not trust, because you know first impression is not always the best and maybe they acted like nice and qualified just to get students and later on not giving care at all, but I didnt felt like that from Edureka and since I already mentioned, Edureka videos on youtube really cleared my concepts. So, I decided to take the course.

Now, coming to the course, I will not say the instructor was nice and all, but he knew a lot of stuffs and he was very practical in nature. Like you know, the man of few words, he was like that, he explained from the basic of html/css to the advanced topic of making your project live on netlify. Each and every topic was explained properly with live examples and he gave a lot of time to do the tasks, but one thing I will say, he don’t have people skills of showcasing formality and thats not the issue, because that’s better rather than giving false hope, he tends to say things on face, atleast for me. But sometimes, some might get disheartened and might not have the tendency to continue further. That needs to be taken care of.

Regarding the concept clearing, he expected everyone to refollow the recorded session, because after every lecture, the recorded session was made available to the students who are enrolled, and they can check it out anytime, they want. And if someone asked a query, he was able to determine who attended attentively and who didn’t, and that’s really nice. Because if you asked a question, and if the question was already answered in the previous session, he would have asked you to check the previous session. To be honest, by that you are able to review and make your concept clear and concise and that helps a lot, but sometimes while watching a 1 hour recorded session, you might miss a little thing and sometimes rewatching is not the solution, its better to clear the query, even if it has been cleared beforehand.

But for genuine queries, he takes time to explain every single thing again and again, and during the explanation time of a topic, he keeps on asking, if the students understood or not and if any student didn’t understand something on that topic, he explained it again and again to make it clear.

From time to time, while explaining, the instructor gave us insights on what kind of questions are asked in interviews and that further helped me to explore more on the topic, because I am keen to learn new things. And since, the instructor said this particular question might be asked, I searched on google to make myself clear on that. I have this weird tendency.

Now, for the conclusion, I am really happy that I took this course, I am a very practical person regarding education and jobs, and I got a practical instructor which helped me learn MERN stack which I never expected, I would be able to learn. I had a lot of doubts regarding basic HTML/CSS/JS as well, which were also cleared in a way as well. I am gonna not say, I am now professional and anything, but whatever I learned had allowed me to be more efficient software developer as compared to what was I before and now, due to this course, I am able to write on my linkedin that, I am a full stack developer, not just a software developer but a full stack developer cause maybe I may get complex projects, but I am able to google the same regarding the concept. Because, now I know what to search in terms of MERN stack development.

I will definitely recommend everyone to join this course and if your join this course, please have a practical approach and keep on working on assignments and everything and give your best. Because spoon-feeding concept never helps, you need to work on your own!!!