El Jacalito menu in Seven Points, Texas, USA

Ordered fajitas for two with beef, chicken & shrimp with 2 shredded cheese sides. Received beef & chicken. Told server we’d just go with. Mistakes happen, right? Let’s clarify that statement … our mistake was trying to stomach the jersey dry slivers of both meats. A token slice of bell pepper was beyond confusing too. The rice was so salty to even try to stomach as well. For about $28 then 20% tip, we deemed this a never repeat. Also of note was watching towering single cast iron fajita meals passing us continuously while waiting for our meal, then to receive a flat sparse platter of old dried out food is simply unacceptable. We will not return. This restaurant was amazing 8 years ago. It mattered to the owners then regarding freshness, quality & customer satisfaction. Note too, we live about 4 miles from the restaurant & by the time we got home. we were both very sick from the food we were served. I was sick all night up to this morning as well. Sad they would disregard a reputation … a business by serving what must have been dried scraps from the grill. Sad!