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This was our least favourite of the 3 restaurants we tried whilst staying at the Ritz Carlton Abama Resort. Im not quite sure why we didn’t enjoy the evening as much as both Verona and Txoyo I think it was the atmosphere and a little…the food. Whilst my slow cooked lamb shank was very good my wifes dish was only luke warm and not the best. Another personal gripe is when towards the end of the evening (Im talking circa 10pm not late late) whilst sipping on my espresso the staff feel the need to ‘reset / set up ‘ tables within the restaurant? I just find this off putting as though they want you to leave and it (for me at least) takes away the atmosphere. I would rather they do this when the restaurant is empty. Im not talking about them emptying / clearing tables but setting them for the next day etc. Menu choices were ample and although not cheap the prices reflective of a premium restaurant / resort. Another issue I had was the added charge for bottled water, whether it be still or sparkling. The cost of this is minuscule even to carbonate the water and its readily available / as much as you can handle during breakfast so why do they feel the need to charge cira 5 euro per bottle table side? I would have been more than happy to have tap water with ice. They also had the water in the bottles ready sat in an ice bucket table side before you sat down, which indicates to me its included and not an additional cost. Whilst I know many restaurants charge for ‘bottled’ water you have to ask for it and it just felt a bit of a ‘con’ when initially asked “would you like some water?” the bottle already sat there and they you get the bill later only to find they’ve charged you for it? With the prices I was paying for a bottle of wine (circa 50+ euro’s) it just felt a bit miserly just my opinion.