El Padrino menu in Dallas, Texas, USA

I ordered the chorizo breakfast tacos and was very disappointed after one bite. The chorizo was very tough and had a bad “rubber” texture to it. I paid $11 for 3 tacos and a lemonade…ok cool no problem. I called and spoke with the owners and explained to her that the meat was very tough and I did not like them AT ALL!! I even told her that I didn’t want my money back I just simply wanted 3 chicken tacos in exchange. I have had them before and knew I couldn’t go wrong with those. She first told me she couldn’t do that then asked me to call her back. I knew there was a language barrier so I asked a co-worker of mine to call back and translate for me. She told him the same thing. She said she would get in trouble with the owners (which was her). She went back and forth with him about “the owners will not allow it” for a while. With that said, I just took that loss and customer satisfaction was not given at the restaurant. If you want to be treated fairly and rightfully as a customer this is not your place my Guy!

Update: Thank you to Juan who reached out to me and was very kind and considerate about fixing the issue. When I went to pick up my order the cook even apologized several times.