El Patron Mexican Cuisine – The Best Mexican Restaurant Experience

El Patron Mexican Cuisine started with a simple vision, a place where Luis Escudero and his family could grow together. El Patron has provided the necessary tools for the Escudero/Turk family to grow, flourish, and establish one of the best Mexican restaurants in Northeast Ohio.

About Us

El Patron focuses on three main pillars: Quality, Food, and Service. These pillars are crucial for the success of El Patron and have allowed them to separate from the pack.

El Patron’s focus on quality, results in providing their customers with the same excellent meal time and time again. Their food brings in unique elements from Mexico City, the Escudero’s home town. Their service is what makes El Patron feel like you’re right at home. From the moment you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by one of the owners and treated with the utmost care.

At El Patron you’ll find innovative dishes like sopes (crispy masa cakes) that are smothered with beans, cheese, and your favorite meat. We also bring to our menu sopa Azteca (chicken tortilla soup), chiles rellenos, and tamales.

At El Patron we are always looking to bring to your table the most delicious flavors, highest quality, and best service! We look forward to hosting you, your family, and your friends.