El Rey Azteca Mexican Restaurant

  • Burrito de La casa


    Burrito filled with our mouth watering tender pork, rice and beans, topped with our signature adobo sacue, cream, sprinkled cheese, pico de gallo, and a guac salad.

  • Burrito Gonzales


    This Burrito is fully loaded for anyone with a big hunger ! comes with steak, chicken, shrimp and chorizo, fried onions inside topped with our signature cheese fondue, pico de gallo and a side order of rice, beans, and salad with a scoop of in house made Guacamole.

  • Burrito del Mar


    This Burrito is for our guests that favor something fresh from the sea ! filled with our beautifuly seasonsed jumbo shrimp filled with grilled onions, rice, beans and topped off with our creamy veracruz sauce and a guaca salad.

  • Mayan Burrito


    Our most savory Burrito filled with al pastor, chorizo, fried onion, rice and beans. Topped with our housemade adobo sauce, cream and garnished with cilantro and a fried jalapeno ! Taste the sauce with the tortilla chips that come served on the plate as well !

  • Burrito Azteca


    This Burrito comes from the heart of Mexico filled with traditional carnitas, chorizo, rice, beans garmished with sprinkled cheese, a side salad and topped off with our salsa verde, cheese fondue and smokey chipotle sauce to pay our homage to the motherland.

  • Classic Burrito


    Our guest favorite is simple but full of flavor ! Choice of steak, chicken or carnitas, filled with beans rice. Topped off with cheese fondue and served with a side salad topped with pico de gallo and crema. Turn up the heat ! with your choice of jalapeno or smokey chipotle as an option.

  • Burrito Don Juan Verde


    This burrito if filled with rice, beans, steak, or chicken topped with green sauce, and cheese fondue. sprinkled cheese and cream, with a salad topped with cream.

  • Burritos Mexicanos


    2 burritos filled with a choice of chicken or steak. with peppers and onions, topped w cheese, and cream. a side order of rice and beans.

  • Birria Burrito


    this burrito is filled with our slow cooked birria, shredded cheese, rice and beans. it comes with a side of its consome, for dipping the burrito in it.

  • Burrito Torero


    this burrito is filled with frilled chicken, Chorizo rice and beans, topped with a creamy chipotle sauce, and sprinkled cheese. it is finger licking food.

  • Burrito Poblano


    filled with grilled chicken, with mole, rice and beans, topped with mole sauce, sour cream, sprinkled cheese, sliced avocado and chips.

  • Vegetarian Burrito


    comes with spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and rice and beans, topped with cheese fondue, and a side salad