ELSA 2021 Case Study – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

ELSA Corp. (ELSA) uses speech technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to help non-native English learners improve their speech and pronunciation via short, app-based lessons. Its ELSA Speak app is currently localized in nine languages and accessed by users across over 100 countries for learning English. Vietnam served as its first test market in 2016.

Today, ELSA’s user base numbers 15 million learners, part of the growth driven by demand for online learning from pandemic community lockdowns globally.

To help process large amounts of data from the high volume of daily user activity, the company needed to ensure its cloud-based computing platform continues to allow for flexible compute, database, and storage configurations. In addition, ELSA’s researchers and developers required easy access to real-time and stored user-generated data to continually improve its proprietary speech algorithms.

According to Xavier Anguera, co-founder and chief technology officer of ELSA, his company uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud as its global computing infrastructure. This has helped it deliver content quickly to its users, and process over four million user recordings daily.