Embrace | Page 1 | Pet Insurance Review

| BY: Lisa Pearl

Not as good as I thought it would be

Very frustrating working with Embrace. I have a puppy that just turned a year old, she has no pre existing anything and she developed a few masses that we had removed and biopsied. They keep asking for paperwork from my vet so I kept sending it. I have send every document that I have on her from the time I got her. The vet sent the same paperwork. Then they said they needed more information from my vet and that they requested it but my vet said they have never contacted them. Now they are saying that my claim is in review. I pay $33.16 for insurance and $35.42 for wellness. The wellness claims pay fairly quickly but now that I submitted a $1200 claim for the mass removal they claim that they need more information even though I have sent it several times being sure to include and highlight the doctors notes. Every time I send them what they ask for they ask for something else. But everything they ask for is in the medical records I already sent. You can not get through on the phone no matter what time or day you call. I feel like they are stalling and trying to come up with a reason to deny the claim. I cannot help feeling like I am getting scammed. It has been over 5 weeks and now they send me an email stating “Banfield Pet Hospital has sent us the history and it’s currently in line to be reviewed by an adjuster. It will take approximately 10 business days for the history to be reviewed after which your claim status will change and it will be ready to be reviewed.” Apparently they do not have enough staff to help their customers in a timely manner and the staff they have have no idea how to articulate exactly what they need in order to complete a claim. I am not sure that $68.58 a month is worth the headache. She is only one year old so we are considering just opening a savings account and putting that money in there in case of an emergency. We have to pay up front out of pocket anyway and then wait god knows how long to see if our claim will even be accepted and how much we will get reimbursed.