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Last fall 11/09/2021 we signed all of our pets up for Pet Insurance through Embrace. We have 4 cats and 3 dogs. We chose to do this because we were adopting 4 new kittens and a new dog and we wanted to ensure that they had coverage throughout their lives. It has been nothing but a hassle with Embrace. They try to deny every single claim for some reason. The most grievous of our issues is with our *** *** who is not yet a year old. When we first adopted him, he had some minor issues like most of the cats from the shelter – worms, diarrhea etc. All very common things that kittens in shelters experience. We didn’t hesitate to take him to the vet for these things of course but had no idea that it would all be used against us. *** was in good health after his initial kitten things until the end of May 2022 when he started showing gastrointestinal issues, weight loss, etc. Unfortunately, that resulted in a diagnosis of FIP. Embrace denied all claims They requested an appeal letter from our Vet to prove that ***** Diarrhea and FIP diagnosis were not related to his Diarrhea in November 2021. They said that Diarrhea CAN be a symptom of FIP that he could have had FIP in November when we adopted him and started his policy and therefore FIP would be a pre-existing condition as well as the diarrhea. It’s an obvious loop hole to try and get out of paying for his care. We did get the letter stating that diarrhea is a very common and non-specific symptom of a number of illnesses, and is much too broad-reaching to claim that any disease that could cause diarrhea to be excluded from Nod’s coverage. Additionally, *** ****** states that there is no indication that diarrhea treated in 2021 is linked to FIP and notes that the diarrhea completely resolved, which it would not have done if the cause was FIP. Furthermore, *** ****** states that if *** had been suffering from FIP in the fall of 2021, then he would not likely have survived until. Embrace STILL denied the claim.

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